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A GoodMorning Gesture

Updated on February 10, 2017

Early after sunrise.

You meet someone and it's their eyes to your eyes.

An early morning gesture you give when early in the morning you meet.

A pleasant way to say hello! In an awesome way to greet.

An acknowledgment of gestures they get as in your way they come along.

And you say it to them before they pass you and go along.

A pleasant way to make your day.

That leaves you with a smile on your face when on your way you depart.

An evolution of gesture a caring way of the heart.

When to someone you say something that helps makes their day.

And they go along with a good feeling and a smile on their way.

Good morning! Someone will say to you when they meet you.

With a good meaning of actions when they speak the two.

Moving in a way.

To give someone a great day.

By just being polite.

Instead of causing a noise or ignorant fight.

It never hurts anyone to say "GoodMorning! To someone.

As it only shows appreciation to the person you meet walking or going along.

It shows you care.

As to say ''GoodMorning! To someone that is walking your way.

It is an acknowledgment of appreciation when you say this gesture to someone in your way.

As you say GoodMorning to them it will always show that you care.

A fine gesture on their face of a smile it will also bring .

And a caring heart of contentment for the sweet words of gesture that you bring.


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