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A Gown Of Spanish Lace By Janette Oke - A Review

Updated on September 30, 2012

Ariana Benson is a schoolteacher in a small town. Even though she is just sixteen, she is a diligent teacher and puts all of her effort into educating her charges. She barely takes time for herself. Instead she constantly searches for information on relevant topics in order to challenge her older students. Her adopted father is the town's preacher and it is possible that his work ethic has been a good example to her. She is highly principled and it was well known that the Scriptures were ever present in her classroom. It would appear that Ariana has everything that a young girl desires.

In everything, she turns to God and it is this quality that she has that will prepare her for a future she probably never expected.

On one snowy night, two outlaws enter the classroom where Ariana is studying and abduct her. She does not know what will happen to her but she repeats to herself the words, 'Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding.'

They travel for days and the snowstorm covers their tracks. When they reach their hide-out, Ariana has no idea what they intend to do with her. She is locked in a shack and sees no one except for the two men who brought her in initially. One outlaw is the leader of the gang, Will Russell. He puts his son Laramie on guard duty of the shack/cabin but he, just like the rest of the outlaws, has no idea who is the 'guest' in the cabin.

When Laramie realizes that it is a young girl who is being held captive by his father and his friends he is stunned. He does not know anything about taking care of a woman but slowly he begins to cater for her needs by getting a tub for her to use to wash and other sorts of things like that.

Ariana's faith keeps her strong and she prays and trusts in the Lord to carry her through this difficult time.

Laramie has never taken to being an outlaw and is only one because his father demands it of him. He begins to build a friendship with Ariana and they start to see each other in a different light. She reveals things to him about God that he never knew and she begins to see the man behind the label of outlaw.

Laramie decides that Ariana can't stay captive anymore and plans to set her free. But even though they have the trial to get over and there is a light it appears, at the end of the tunnel, Laramie is not who he thinks he is and the girl who he is sure he now loves may be lost to him forever.

One of the best Janette Oke books I have ever read. There is suspense, romance, twists and turns in the plot just when you don't expect it and the constant theme that God is in control and to trust in Him is to be safe.A Gown Of Spanish Lace is best suited for anybody really. Once you have a joy for reading and like adventure, I think that you will enjoy this book.


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    • North Wind profile image

      North Wind 6 years ago from The World (for now)

      Thanks Hyphenbird, it really was a great book and I did stay up all night to read it. But then again, I tend to do that with every book good I get my hands on :) I do love Janette Oke but this book was more special than usual if that could be true. Maybe I liked it so much because it really showed that man may judge by appearance but God looks on the heart.

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting. It really means a lot!

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      This is a great book review. It makes me want to rush out and get the book, then stay up until 2am reading. I love Janette Oke anyway.

      ps-I am not receiving notices of your Hubs. I just happened to think of you and clicked to find this.