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A Harvest From A Lonely Heart.

Updated on October 13, 2009


A harvest from the lonely heart.



There are many times I sneak
into  my gardens of before
under pale but glowing moonbeams
in the wee hours of mourn.

Searching only for some sustenance
that just might strengthen me    
in my most barren times
when all my fields
of dreams lie fallow.

immersing both
my face and soul
within the center of    
bittersweet melon of choly,
till I'm lost in reverie          
never hesitating to spit out  
the bitter seeds of discontent    
while nibbling at the softness
of delicious memories .
Though they are often tinged
with darker rinds
and hardened edge
like bruised
half circles  
grief so often
plants beneath my eyes.

I have split the
fruits of "was"
that from my life  
took their great falls,
to pick out
the most succulent
of pieces left within,
to carry me ever onwards
through the present
...towards tomorrow,

I remember well
a lovely girl who came
and stole my heart
she said "I love you,
but I cantaloupe."
the honeydew of her lips
and her passion still endures
as pungent on my tongue
even today.

Thus watermelancholy leaks
from corners of my eyes
and dribbles down my cheeks
like juices quenching,
yet still I'm knocking
hard sometimes
upon that thickened skin
of long past harvests,
waiting for my grasp.

Once held I feel it's heft
and all it's weight
within my heart
still longing for
the ripeness of that moment
encased by time in
dappled greens of envy.

Come sit and share
a piece or two with me
plucked from before
let it curl
around your face
and wet your cheeks,
like commas that will
bring us to a pause
as we delight in
sugared drops of love .....

That bloomed upon
the vine stems
long since plucked
and spit seeds of hope
into some fertile thoughts
where one day some new patch
perhaps will grow
of watermelancholy
we'll all know.

It's a lovely summer's
afternoon that rests
upon the cusp
of chill November's
gray and dampest days

Take some big bites
you can savor from this
scent-a-mental place
fill your soul
with sweet nostalgia's
from long lost loves
it's fruits embrace.


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