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A Haunting

Updated on December 8, 2011

swear I have seen a ghost.

"It" was the one I loved the most.

Appearing after all this time,

just so "It" could haunt my mind.

Why is "It" horrifying me

still remains a mystery.

When I thought I paid my dues,

"It" scared me out off my shoes.

Go away, that's what I prayed

because "It" made me affraid

Terrified to ask "It" why

it wouldn't go away and die.

I thought that "It" would've stayed

locked inside a hollow grave.

covered with petals and stems,

never to be seen again.

Now that my life is back on track,

"It's" giving me a heart attack.

I was so startled I began to melt.

"It" already made "its" presence felt.

If you need a description,

"It" to me is an addiction.

Returning after all this time,

reincarnated to haunt my mind


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