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Home in the Mist, A Moment

Updated on August 16, 2012

I saw it from the safe green field
four hundred lonely feet below --
thick grass, sticks, mud,
a craggy home,
two scrawny heads
scanning the skies
for bloodied rodents
slow-flopping salmon
juicy rabbits --
their universe.

With them, I scanned
the deepening skies
rippling in the heat pulses
that rose in silent waves
from the hot granite cliffside.

Then I saw them. One drifting
in high widening motionless ovals,
head down, vigilant. . .
then the other, lower,
heavy with prey
smooth mighty thrusts,
cleaving bone and feather
through heavy air
to reach the safety and chaos
of home.

Then the shrieking chicks,
ravenous, tearing at flesh
spewing blood
on the bone-strewn floor
of their misty home.

Then the mother, satisfied,
drifting lazily off the edge
of the lofty aerie,
drifting back towards the field,
her mate watchful, still high
in the silence above
their home,
raucous again with the demands
of waiting children

© clark cook


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    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 4 years ago from California

      This is so vivid--and the carnage fits so well--your empathy for nature permeates this write for me--

    • moonfroth profile image

      Clark Cook 5 years ago from Rural BC (Canada) & N of Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

      @ DIOGENES -- Actually, the title became STONE WARRIOR. How ARE you? Haven't heard a whisper from you in ages.

    • lilyfly profile image

      Lillian K. Staats 5 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

      Grand piece of work... will reread when I'm feeling better... lily

    • profile image

      diogenes 5 years ago

      Hi Clark, Enthralling poetry. Their primitive lives seem so honest when compared with the disaster the human condition has become.


    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      Every year we follow eagles in Decorah Iowa as they nest and feed their young. Your poem perfectly describes them ravenous babies and the hunt of the parents. You did a wonderful job and the poem makes the reader excited to see the outcome. You did a great job.

    • Matthew Weese profile image

      Matthew Weese 5 years ago from Auburn

      Excellent poem.