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A Horror Love Story: Part 1

Updated on October 9, 2015

Karalee: Part 1

My love for you is so great. Every bit of my soul loves every bit of you. You must be mine...forever.

Karalee arrives to her favorite coffee shop that she visits almost every day. She walks gracefully to her usual small table with two wooden chairs. Her face is pleasant, calm, with skin that resembles porcelain. Dark brown hair with waves pulled back underneath her red hat. Her piercing blue eyes stay averted from others around her. A sophisticated woman reserved from everyone else.

The waiter takes notices of her, the woman wearing a red dress. He has noticed she is a daily customer, but she keeps to herself. She orders her coffee, reads a book, pays the check, and is on her way. He has never seen her with anybody else. He also cannot deny she is beautiful. But there is something peculiar about her...she always wear red. Some days she'll wear other colors, but there was always at least one article of clothing that was red. The waiter could not help but wonder why.

Forcing himself out of his reverie, he walked over to take her order. He greets her, she greets him back with a lovely smile. She orders her usual coffee, just as he expected. He turns to leave, but she says, "Wait...I think I will order something else, too. I think a's a special day and I would like a treat." She chuckles.

"Oh," the waiter says, surprised. This is the most she's ever spoken before, and she is more lovely than he imagined she would be. Her voice is elegant and serene. "Well, we have blueberry, pumpkin, and banana nut today."

"I would like...pumpkin!" She answers with another smile.

"Sure," the waiter gives a small smile. He hesitates. "Say, I've noticed you come here almost every day. If I'm not mistaken, there was only one day you didn't come in. Uh, anyway, since you are one of our regualrs, may I know your name?"

"It's Karalee. And what might your name be?"

"Trevor. Nice to meet you, Ms. Karalee."

"Likewise," another smile. Then he makes eye contact with her soul piercing blue eyes. The intensity in them is breathtaking. Trevor forces himself to walk away. He returns behind the counter and realizes his heart is racing, his breathing is heavy. What just happened?

She accepts her coffee and muffin not looking up from her book, and politely says thank you. Trevor is almost afraid to speak to her.
Some time goes by until she comes up to the counter to pay her check. Trevor completes her transaction. "Thank you, Ms. Karalee. I'll see you tomorrow?"
She makes eye contact. "Of course, Trevor. Have a lovely day." She walks out.
Trevor is stunned. But why? Today he got to see more of who she is as a person, and something about her was...unsettling. At first he thought he was so enraptured by her beauty, but now that he thinks he is actually afraid of her. He does not want to see her tomorrow or ever again. He saw something in her eyes just now...they were cold.
Trevor notices a red wallet on the counter. He looks inside and sees it is in fact Karalee's. He looks outside for her, but she already disappeared. There's no phone number inside the wallet to contact her. Just a state ID and a few dollar bills. He decides to keep it in the lost and found box under the register until she returns the next day.
The rest of his shift goes by, but his thoughts are elsewhere. Karalee comes in every day wearing red. Why does she wear red? And now he is afraid of her for some odd reason. His shift comes to an end, and his eyes look at Karalee's red wallet. His mind goes blank. He moves toward the wallet, picks it up, takes a look at the address on her ID, and leaves the shop, and walks to 179 Willow Street, apartment 5B.


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    • lotusb34 profile image

      Fran Bradford 2 years ago from Maine

      Interesting start. Red hmmmm there has to be some mystery there. Looking forward to more!

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 2 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice start to an interesting story. Red is a nice color to wear when you are young, eye-catching. Now to read Part 2.