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A Horror Love Story: Part 2

Updated on October 20, 2015

Karalee: Part 2

Karalee's apartment is small, and red. The living room has deep burgundy carpet, and deep red wallpaper with white roses. The small couch and coffee table are light brown. To the left is her round wooden dining table with two matching wooden chairs. Only a small vase of wilting white roses sit on the table. The kitchen also has the same wallpaper as the living room and wooden cabinets. The counter tops only have a red toaster oven and a wooden knife holder. Through the kitchen is the short hallway that leads to the bathroom and her bedroom. The bathroom floor has white tiles; the white wallpaper has a floral pattern of white roses; and a shower with a bright red curtain. Her bedroom has a closet with her modest selection of clothing; a white vanity table with just a couple of red lipsticks and a perfume bottle laid out; and a four post bed with red blankets, but it's untouched since she usually sleeps in the other room. Adjacent to her closet is a heavy, dark red curtain.

Karalee arrives to her apartment. She sets her groceries on the small dining table in the living room. She first pulls out five fresh white roses and replaces the wilted flowers. Once the roses are arranged to her liking she takes the bags to the kitchen. She begins to prepare a dinner of steak, Brussels sprouts, and mashed potatoes.

His favorite meal for his special day.

Once she has the food boiling on the stove and roasting in the oven she walks to her bedroom. She takes a quick look at herself in the vanity mirror. She fixes her hair, applies a little more red lipstick, and sprays more perfume. Feeling confident, she smiles at herself. She walks over to the heavy curtain and goes through.

Happy birthday, dearest.

She's back in the kitchen, serving two plates. There's a knock at the door. Karalee walks over to the door and opens to find Trevor standing there.

• • • • • •

Trevor realizes he's standing outside of an apartment marked 5B. He feels like he's waking up from a dream. How did he get here? Where is he?

Then the door opens, and piercing blue eyes are looking at him. "There you are," Karalee smiles. "I was wondering when you were going to arrive."

Trevor is taken aback. " knew I was coming?"

She steps aside and opens the door more. "Please, do come in." Trevor pauses, but takes the invitation. She closes and locks the door. "And yes, I did know you were coming...because I summoned you." She strides past him to the kitchen.

His heart skips a beat. "You what?"

"I've prepared supper. Care to stay and eat?"

He is speechless and doesn't move.

"Please, Trevor, I worked so hard cooking this meal. It'll be bad manners if you leave. It's a special day after all." He manages to move his feet and starts to walk towards the dining table. "Oh no, we'll be eating in the other room. Follow me." She picks up two red plates and walks to the hallway.

Trevor is apprehensive, but still follows her. They go into a bedroom and she walks over to a curtain on the other side of the room. She turns to Trevor and asks, "Trevor, be a dear and pull back the curtain for me." He walks over to the curtain. His hand hovers over it, but he slowly pulls it back. He peeks through but can only see darkness, and smells something strange. The scent reminds him of an old, dusty house and something...rancid.

Karalee walks through and prompts him to follow. Heart beating he walks through and finds himself in another hallway. It looks similar to the one that led to the bedroom, but it was much darker and dirtier. Karalee walks to another bedroom door with multiple locks.

"Trevor, dear, hold these for me," Karalee motions for him to take the plates. He hesitates, but once again his body obeys. She pulls out keys from her dress pocket and starts unlocking the door. Trevor looks around and sees another bathroom down the hall. To the right of the locked door is an open doorway that leads to what looks like another kitchen. Is this the apartment next door?

The last lock clicks open. Trevor turns toward the door. Karalee slowly opens the door and pokes her head inside. A strong smell wafts from the door, making Trevor's stomach churn. "My love, we have a guest for dinner," Karalee says to someone inside. She opens the door all the way and walks inside.

Trevor drops the red dinner plates.

Inside is a room illuminated by candles. The carpet has dark stains. The walls are covered with pages of what looks like letters and drawings of white roses; and the spaces not filled show faded white paint with dark splatter marks. All around the perimeter of the floor are vases of white roses, some fresh, some wilting, some dead; and red candles cemented into the carpet from the overflowing wax.

The most horrifying of all is the bed. The blankets are stained, and tucked underneath them is a man. He is sat up straight, wearing a designer black blazer jacket and a fresh white buttoned up shirt. His lips are stitched together with black thread. His eyes are open, with no color left. The hair left on his scalp is parted to one side. The man is dead.

Karalee is sitting next to him on the bed. She looks to Trevor, smiling. "This is my dearest love, Henry Bower."

Trevor runs for the curtain, spitting up vomit. He makes it to the kitchen and hears Karalee's voice close behind him. He reaches for the knife holder on the counter and pulls out a steak knife. He goes for the front door but Karalee grabs his jacket and pulls him to the floor. Her eyes are blazing with rage and insanity, and her elegant voice turns vicious. "You're not going anywhere, Trevor. You know too much. So now, I have to get rid of--"

Trevor stabs her lower abdomen. For a moment he is shocked by his action. Her eyes are more crazed, and she grunts as she pulls out the knife. Trevor throws himself away from her, landing flat on the floor, and a piercing pain shoots up his leg. He screams. The steak knife is in his calf.

He looks up and sees Karalee grab the pot on the stove, her beautiful face completely lost to insanity, and swings it toward his head. Trevor goes limp. Brussels sprouts fall around his body on the kitchen floor.


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    • lotusb34 profile image

      Fran Bradford 

      3 years ago from Maine

      Wow get right into it I love it!!!

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      3 years ago from New Zealand

      Oh this was a shocking chapter, I wasn't expecting a story like this. Now for the next part and what happens to poor Trever.


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