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A Humdinger Of A June Night.

Updated on January 2, 2010

A Humdinger Of A June Night.



The Nights soft hum

my babies gentle coo's
around a juicy pacifier.

The windows air
conditioner unit
refrigerates my
easy bake oven bedroom.

The alarm clocks soft whir
pauses as it clicks to digitalize time.

Cars on a distant road
whiz by to their own homes.

The muted T.V. is just a
faint background noise
as I read a book of poems.

The lazy cat on the windowsill
gazes with longing
at the moths buzzing round
the porch light below.

My eyes grow heavy iron clasps,

as the sandman
drones a drowsy lullaby
with each sand grain
he places in the now closed
corners of my eyes......


......and the night hums on.


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