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A Jester's Giided Heart

Updated on April 30, 2016

The gilded heart of the jester is never so bold as it is when it comes laughter.

The heart is gilded with silver and gold
But underneath it is scarred and not so bold
To the eye it is so catching
But look past the beautiful fletching
There you find the scars of a thousand stripes
There the jester plays the saddest of pipes
The pipes of sorrow hidden within
And no one hears its heartfelt din
He masks his heart as he masks his face
Lest anyone should ever see that place
He makes you laugh, he makes you cry
And when he exits the room there is ne'er a dry eye
But inside that most secret and unseen chamber
The jester never forgets but always remembers
The laughter he gave that sparked from the embers
The laughter still echoing in the great halls chambers
But after the cries of laughter have faded
The scars of the heart go unabated



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