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A Journey Of Discovery: Being Yourself and Understanding Who You Are

Updated on March 21, 2019
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  

I've Discovered That I Balance Out Just Right...Nobody's Perfect!

How do we find a balance in life? More importantly, how do we balance ourselves in order to be happy in order to have balance in life? That was a mouthful, but when you think about it, isn't that the key of life; to discover how to be happy with our good and bad sides? To me, it's all about trying to make sense of just who I am and finding peace with myself. I can do that most days, although it is hard for some people to grasp the person I am.

I'm not going to lie; I am difficult to figure out. Most people think I'm struggling internally all the time. I am struggling, but I find days of peace, and I have focus on who I am. I have learned how to appreciate myself for, as I mentioned earlier, my two sides. I realized it wasn't about trying to be this perfect ray of light all the time. It was more about embracing the fact that I couldn't be that and talking myself through the dark side of who I am and enjoying that side along with the bright, sunny, me. In doing this, I believe I have found that I like myself very much as a person. I don't worry much about being judged as I have mentioned several times in my hubs. I do, however, worry that some friends and family still stay concerned about me on a constant basis.

This brings me to the reason for this poem. I wanted to explain to everyone how I see myself, and what I truly think about the way I am. I know...I know...I do have some very dark poetry posted here that portrays myself as all down and out, and when I wrote those poems, I probably was going through some kind of personal turmoil. In that respect, I certainly understand peoples' concerns. Honestly, I just like to write poetry, and for the most part, my poetry is about life; more often than not, my own life. I don't know if that makes me a narcissistic person, but I feel that I write the subject I know best; ME. :)

I Am A Ray Of Light...


A Fluttering Butterfly


Some Days Are Dark


Beauty can still be seen in the bad weather


A Balance of One

Please don’t fret my

far-off friend, I do

know the light in its

complete and pure


I walk outside and

the sun warms my

spirit, and splashes

hope upon my


I attempt to notice

every fleeting thing; the

little birds chirp, the

humming of the bees.

I feel in me that desire

for life, but then again,

so much has been taken

from my heart.

And though it beats and

knows pure love, peace

is what it seeks from


I am not dark for an evil

scheme. The part of me

that’s overcast is forever


Forsaken from past pain

I don’t really reflect too

Much, but I do remember

how it damaged and

bruised me beyond my


I have given into the pain,

given up on trying to

contain. It’s worthless

for me to do so, I’d

feel lost if not in my


So, believe me when I

say; the light I do feel.

Though I must breathe

it in doses in order for

me to stay real.

Some days you may

catch me fluttering

like a butterfly,

sporadically joyous

up and down in flight.

The next day you could

see me quite sad, cleansing

my soul with tears and prayers.

However, please don’t fret

about this dear friend, I need

my frown as I need the sun.

They perfectly come together

in me to make one.

Do you feel you have a dark side and a bright side? Do you embrace both?

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© 2015 Missy Smith


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