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A Life Lived

Updated on March 3, 2015


Out of war comes death ,out of death comes peace
Out of peace comes life,after life it will cease.
A journey of passion,a journey of finding
A trip to the infinite,a reason for binding.
Laying a footprint,your individual path
Topping the scores of the colonial graph
When the end is near,do we laugh or do we cry
Do we mourn lost loves,is it easy to say goodbye.
Through life's toils,and evils comes grace,comes soul
In the end there is meaning,is that purpose,or the goal.
The choices we make have an inevitability in time
Are they cataclysmic,does everything turn out fine.
One thing is certain we all follow a map
Try to fill and avoid the occasional gap.
Try doing our best,not leaving a trail of sin
Using our own goodness,buried deep within.
Create our own legacy,life's own foot print
Leaving clues throughout,leading up to a hint.
Leading the tree of life to its confrontational end
Families left with your memory to defend.

Old looking face.

Too many bads,not enough goods.

All through my life,ive seen more downs than ups.But you just have to plod on with it.Ive seen lots of family and friends pass on, ive seen lots of additions to the big family,but the bad ones outweigh the good by some considerable amount. It's always nice to welcome new additions to the pack,the problem I have is there are not enough coming in to the family. More leave than enter at the moment. That's a problem we need to confront as a family. Lots of my extended family live lives that are not the healthiest we could say.There are a lot of smokers,a lot of heavy drinkers.Also lots of my family are obese due to unhealthy eating. If we don't change our ways as a family,we may never reverse the cycle.Its destined to carry on to outweigh the good occurrences.

Idilic pose,happy times.

Kids age you.

My kids are amazing,but they do age me. The countless worries over the years have inevitably added wrinkles to an already old lived in face.i would not change it for the world,I can't imagine a day without them.whether I'm driving for them,cooking their dinners,or washing their clothes,they keep me busy. I'd be sitting on my bum all day if they were not here.I like the kids need for constant guidance and advice. No matter the issue,ive always encouraged my five girls to talk to me. Not to hide the problem,as that only makes things worse.If I can help, I will ,I always tell the,pm.Thankfully most problems that have surfaced to date,have been minor in comparison to other people issues.My favourite saying I stand by is (I can't fix it if I don't know what's broke). It's served me well over the years.


kids make you happy

kids make you sad

kids drive you mental

kids often behave bad

kids do silly things

kids inspire you to be better

kids need a helping hand

kids don't know better

kids need to be shown

kids flourush like a dove

kids need to be disciplined

kids respond to your love.

Suited and booted.

Some people ignore it.

The parents who struggle with disciplining their kids ,I think and have seen it first hand,they are very much of the train of thought that(ignoring the problem-it goes away).It doesnt,I think they make the problem bigger in essence.The old saying (making a rod for your own back), is very prevalent here, if you continually let your kids rule the roost,it's only natural the child feels they can take more liberties. They feel they can get away with more,because there is no discipline to speak of.ive seen Mums or Dads in shops buying their kids sweets and toys ,as a way of bribing them to behave long enough for them to do their shopping.Its making your problem worse I think,but I do understand it is the only way some parents can manage to control their kids by doing what they do. I think they need help more than the looks and criticism they are given i shops by most of us onlookers.

Bite your tongue.

we have all encountered them,families in your town screaming abuse at their kids in an attempt to get them under control. It drives me mad,I have to bite my tongue so I don't say something. I seen a young boy one day,no older than three years old. This kidmwas punching his Mum,and swearing at his Dad. They seemed immune to it. The constant screaming in the kids face only seemed to exacerbate an already inflamed situation. Your tempted to say something,but you know you cant. Inevitably you would be dragged in to the argument. The reason kids behave like this I believe is down to the Mum and Dad being a bit soft with the child. Ive seen it lots of times,Mums try to be a friends instead of being a parent. more often than not it backfires on then.Kids take a mile if given an inch. Sometimes it is easier to be a bit more stern with bad behaviour,it can make it easier in the long run.

Rewards and be fair.

Bringing up five kids was not an easy task. Fortunately my kids were well behaved from an early age. They very rarely misbehaved.When they did,they were grounded and lost their toys etc.It always seemed to work,as their respect for people grew as they got older.On the odd occassion one child, who will remain nameless,took her misbehaving to a new level.It took a full day to get her under control and make her see the error of her ways. Eventually, I think she seen that we were in the right,and not treating her with more authority for the fun of it. We were punishing her as she had took things too far. Now she is a well adjusted responsible teenager,at University and working. So it can work the discipline,as long as you don't go overboard.I look back and don't regret any punishments issued by my wife and i,I think on looking back ,they all worked fortunately.

Boundaries explained.

kids need to have boundaries firmly established.mthey need to know how far they can go before getting in to trouble. My kids still joke to this day,that they knew exactly how far they could push me before I started to hand out punishments to them. It shows they seen it as a positive experience that moulded them in to better people. That we didn't discipline them to be bad to them,we always had a reason. I think the kids respect authority without a doubt. They are always polite and are very polite to people and adults they meet. It kind of makes me proud when people remark on how well behaved they all are. Then you can take some pleasure in knowing you've did a good job of raising them up right.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks for the comment RomeosQuill.

    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

      A great poem with a lot of truth in there.

      Thanks for the read, and look forward to reading more of your work.

      All the Best;