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A Letter To My Alter Ego

Updated on October 22, 2010

Every night you came to me

Like a yellow light flying under a tree

A strong emotion that causes my consciousness to flee

And be taken away in your sea of undying memories

You are drifting my heart away from my reality

And succumb me in your bosom of serenity

I never felt such ecstasy

Of being there with you in your world of fantasy

You are always feeding me

With your addicting taste of being free

In heights only you can take me

Oh how I wish I could make u a reality

Not just a speck of me

A tiny part of my brain awaiting to be unleashed from that fury

But until then when we meet finally

Only then will I truly be free

But for now I will hold unto thee

To never forget that feeling only you can share with me

I won’t get weary of our erotic energy

Each night you came to me

Like that yellow light under a tree

That always captured me

In that secret place inside my mind

Where I will hold you dearly


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