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A Letter to Society

Updated on April 13, 2016

A sonnet to the broken world

Amongst the tangled thorns and dripping poison depicting death,
there lies pure beauty: beauty that’s dying with each breath.
Petals of pure scarlet, more intense than blood
with even purer happiness hidden in the depths of the bud.
The golden dust of magic, the little wonders that make our smiles
Meant to be shared among the nation. A love-filled fragrance smelt for miles.
The bees pick up the pollen to share with the flowers they touch.
But now due to thorns and poison, they can’t share that love too much.

Shrouded in a toil of danger, nostalgia for the sun.
The little fragile scarlet rose is the very last one.
The stems that once raised them, those brilliant balls of red,
are now the reason they wilt; the reason all happiness is dead.
Masked in pain and suffering, the beauty of the scarlet rose is found
both choked and protected by the vines with which it’s bound.

The sonnet explained

This sonnet may be quite difficult to fully understand if analyzing poems isn't your thing. You may think that this poem has got nothing to do with society, it's just about a rose. But you are wrong. This entire poem is a metaphor. The rose represents 3 things: Beauty, innocence and nature in general.


Nowadays people are so busy with their everyday lives and schedules that they don't stop to see the beauty that the world has to offer. The tangled thorns and poison in the poem is representing the routines and life styles we have now. The little things like pure genuine smiles (the golden dust) that should be spread aren't because of the permanent attachment to our phones. If you think about beauty, beauty like the sound of music or the preciseness of a painting, we created that. Someone in our society is creating and protecting that beauty. So this poem isn't saying that society is bad in the sense of beauty, its saying that the perception of beauty is dying out as society becomes more focused on oneself.


Here the rose represents innocence. The innocence of children and also the innocence of humans. The society that we live in today is filled with corruption, cheating and lies. This is breaking down what good is left in the world and just like the pollen that should be spread around the world, loyalty and truth should be encouraged. And again society isn't bad because society created this innocence. And someone out there is fighting for that innocence.


This one is quite simple as the rose represents nature in general. So the thorns and poison is the pollution we as society make. The pollen represents that tranquility and calmness that only nature can give a person. With this world developing so fast, the nature is being forgotten. But still there are people fighting to keep it going, there are still people who prefer to live among nature.

The beauty

The Letter

What have we become? Not what has the world become; we: what have we become? The world has done nothing. The world is just where we live. The ground beneath our feet, our home, our habitat. We can’t blame the world for what we have become. By we, I mean every single individual on this earth today. Yes, that includes yours truly. We all form part of society.

And society has closed the door on every open mind. What has happened to the innocence? Can we even say that children are still innocent? There are all these reports of guns and knives at school and children attacking teachers. That is not innocent. But society doesn’t care. It’s rounded up all its ‘Most Essential’ items such as; race, gender and sexuality; and now it has set sail out on the open sea. No planning has been done. So why do, why did we follow?

We could have gotten off this ship. We didn’t even need to get on in the first place. We could have been our own person and decided to not be a sheep and follow the rest of the herd. But now there is no other place to go. Hope left on the last life raft to happiness. And now, the ship is sinking. The ship we are on is sinking. We are sinking.

Can’t you feel the heart break? On this ship of corruption and lies, can you see the sun shine? No. Society just listens from behind their wall of never ending doubt. Of course you won’t see the sun! ‘Oh don’t worry people, this will get better.’ Yes, that’s what they say, but in reality all society is doing is rearranging the problems. Think about it. What is society doing to solve problems in the world today? Create new problems, ignore the old ones and create new. That’s their solution.

Why are we following society when we can be society? We can change the world; make it better, stop the violence. I can’t change society alone. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to face this world alone. But even though I’m scared, ever though we are scared, we have to try. Yes, I don’t know if I can cope without this place that we call home. But it’s not really a home. It’s more like a jail. A jail that the whole of society is trapped in. Why don’t we break free? Step outside your comfort zone of following society like a sheep. It’s time to take a stand.

Listen here society, I know you are scared. I’m scared too! I also don’t want to get hurt again. I know how it feels, honestly I do. Society, we are all in this together, let go of the little papers you feel make the world go round. You’ll see how many friends you have, found in the people you just kept turning down. Why does society feel they are all alone? Society, why? We are all going through some difficult times. You are not alone in this, why keep it all locked up inside? Why don’t you leave society and join the world? If all of us leave the evil ways of society and start new in the world, we can have hope!

Society, I’m talking to you too. Stop leading this ship through ice bergs. Just relax and let the water guide you. Bring innocent and hope back into this world. We can all be free.
What have we become? What can we become? We aren’t just part of society, we are society. We can change the world. We are the most powerful force on this earth, only if we work together. Because together we are free. Together, we can see the sun.

The sun jailed by society

So what do you think?

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