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A Little Boy and his Mother

Updated on October 19, 2013

A Little Boy

Once Upon a time

Lived with his loving Mother,

In a World of

Countless Bliss and Smiles

Away from the Known Life other.

The Father was busy

As were the Rest

For the shy Little Boy,

Only his Mother

Knew what gave him

A Bundle of lasting Happiness and Joy!

His friends were lost

In their Self

As was the World around them,

Half-steps thus heavy

Kept Dragging along

Through streets that don’t know its name.

Coming back home

The boy would find

His Smile alive once again,

Where his Mother

Wiped away the tears

Taking all his hurt and Pain!

Together they lived

A Perfect Life happy

For what God has made us,

Speaking the Ethereal

Language of Love

Forsaken by the World, Alas!

This way days went by till

One Sunday Morning at Seven,

When the boy’s Mother being ill

Left him Forever on a journey to Heaven!

Heart-broken and Gutted

Fell the Little Soul

Amid Smithereens of Love Destroyed,

In Lands of only

Torn Apart Lives

And endless Sorrow, utter Dismayed!

With Folded hands

And tears raining down

He Prayed to his Dear God –

“Bring my Mother Back to me

For She’s all that I’ve ever Got.”


God listened to his Fervent Plea

And send one of his Messengers soon,

Who came running

For the Distraught Child

Before it was late to Noon.

The Angel took him in arms

Wiping away the tears gently

And together they flew away

To Heaven above thus silently.

His Mother was standing there

Eagerly waiting at the Gates

Seeing which he ran even faster

Than his small feet generally takes.

Together they huddled

In Joyful tears of Happiness once again

And even the strongest watching couldn’t

Hold back theirs after trying in vain!

Thus re-united

Two broken hearts

Forming one of a unique kind

Leaving Forever

The World lying below

That drove them soon out of their mind.



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