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A Long List of Appreciation

Updated on August 10, 2011

Belly kisses

Chanel Allure

Teal rivers

Wine in hot tubs

Well-behaved chihuahuas

Fishing poles

Rope swings


Long hikes

Naked girls

Holding hands

Dunking under

Sudden declarations

Deep laughter

Flying dreams

Best friends

Seventies afros

Colorful easels

White rooms

Yellow roses



Powerful rushes

Strong legs

Fuzzy blankets

Quiet spaces


Sunset reflections

Tall mirrors

Blonde wood

Natural light

Triangle clocks

Buddha statues

Yogurt and blueberries

Sudden poetry

Easy relating

Sturdy Chakos

Haad Yuan

Palm trees

Mermaid coves

Mushroom trips

Flickering candles

Murmured voices



Guessing, knowing


The perfect martini

Maraschino cherries

Artistic twists

Saint Germain

Muddled mint

Sugared rims

Big tips

Pleasant conversation

Beautiful outlines

Favorite tee-shirts

Pointed toes

Back bends

Smooth legs

Body Butter

Sexy earrings

Long necks

Inherent grace

An eye for beauty



Japanese Maples

Daddy's garden

Snap peas


Being barefoot



Brown legs

Big booties



Mos Def

"Ms. Fat Booty"

Tribe Called Quest

Blunts at the Showbox

Getting high

Fucking around

Riding my bike

Perfect balance

La Rustica

Homemade pasta

Gay friends

Short shorts

Foot massages

Having my back tickled

Open windows


Sylvia Plath


Enchanted forests

Interested readers


French Press

Watering cans

Beaded sandals


Talented masseurs

Flirtatious winks

Striking a pose

Old men

Anais Nin


Sudden meadows

Jungle memories

Descending twilight

Running to make it

Making it

Diving under water

Partying at night

Dancing with strangers

Another glass of wine

Flamenco music

Stamping feet

Twirling skirts

Charming bartenders

Oodles of money

Decadent desserts

French bakeries

Powdered sugar

Surprises in doorways

The worm from "Labyrinth"

British accents


Naughty dreams

Northwest microbrews

Australian kangaroos


Good luck

Silver watches

Graceful arches

Flowered courtyards

Metaphysical libraries

Capitol Hill

Volunteer Park

Successful one-night stands

Unexpected gifts

Love letters on scrap paper

Lingering looks

Hitting the ground running

Impressive pool shots

UFO research

Flattering shadows

Inspired photography

Marilyn Monroe

Life Magazine

Vietnam vets


Past-life regression



Historical landmarks

The sound of... The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Blonde arm hair

Elegant fingers

Polite lesbians

Hot, soapy water

Baileys and coffee

Whipped cream

Spooky houses

Ghost stories


Edges of cliffs

City views

Certified Wildlife Habitats

Floating bridges

Japanese paintings


Shiny black hair


Raw silk


Saucy kids

Lemonade stands

Black labs

Golden retrievers

Lazy cats, lying in the sun


Bad girls

Curly hair

Ecstatic orgies

Unapologetic rascals

Old-school cowboys

Knife collections

Talkin' shit

Gary Payton

Valet parking

Mink-lined booths

El Gaucho

Deep cleavage

Piano players

Flaming shots

Nights on the town

Tiny red dresses

Being shocking

Utter confidence

Appreciative looks


Organic groceries

Life-long crushes

Give-away blushes

Being seen

Powerful feelings

Endless love

Cumulus clouds

Thich Nhat Hanh

Eternal wisdom

Getting back together

Glowing ex-wives

Wedding invitations

Standing on my head

Abraham CD's

Joseph Campbell

"Follow your bliss"


Striking cheekbones

Curling lashes

Boys who look like girls

Flat stomaches


Down comforters


Being me


Certain someones

Burger joints


The Arboretum

Lavender cupcakes

Green tea

Shopping for boots


Jasmine IPA


Friendly urgings

Colorful leaves

Brand-new babies

Balloons in the sky

Free days

Reunited kisses

Booty grabbing

Dirty dancing

Sushi chefs

Old Japan

Tea houses

Stylized waves

Football season

A pot of spaghetti

Playoff games

Drew's chuckle

Bow lips

Jack Nicholson

"The Shining"

Huge rhododendrons

Unbelievable stories, witnessed first-hand

Breaching wales

Eerie paintings

Answered prayers

Humble humans

And on and on and on and on and on, boom boom!


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    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia

      Sarah....I reckon I will have to catch up with you in my next life. I can relate to so much of your list I feel we would get on well. So thank you for conjuring up memories (some good and some bad) as well as puzzlement. Take care.


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