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A Look At Modern Day Gladiators.

Updated on March 16, 2010


A Look At Modern Day Gladiators.


The hard smack
of fisted leather

against flesh,

The grunts of dismay
and joy from the
gawking crowd.

The whacked crack
of wooden clubs
against tighty
stitched orbs.

Then long races

away from
the thruster's


Only to be

into a gloved fist
that ends ones

journey home.

Helmeted they stand,
facing the fast slice,
the wicked curves,
and the ball

breaking drops
that accompany  
the burning pitch.

Swinging away
madly at speeding
sending them back
with vehemence.

Missing them

many times
completely after
they have struck out.
or being struck by them
as they swat air.

Leaving them
limping or groveling
in the dirt,
which sets off
hand to hand combat
in huge piles of
angry men.

Nine defend

the diamonds
of their kingdoms,
against nine intruders,
seeking to cut
it into many
faceted points.

The mobs scream
mixed with obscenities,
at those who oppose
their heroes efforts.


fly in the wind,
marking past victories
in this colossal stadium,
that cradles
modern day

(            )
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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Nice. That was another sport I wasted so much time with. Wasted? I dearly loved that and all the gladiator trials that I was ill-prepared for. Yes- I played too poorly for too long. I could have built a hospital in an impoverished area. Thanks