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An Antonym Poem: Opposite Day

Updated on February 13, 2017
Luke Holm profile image

Luke works as a middle school English, ELD, social justice, and mindfulness teacher in the sanctuary city, San Jose, CA.

What is Opposite Day?

Opposite Day is an unofficial holiday where everything that is said or done has the opposite effect or intention. Once declared, all statements and actions are opposite of what they typically mean. For example, if I say, "You're ugly," it actually means your quite good looking.


Opposite Day

Words easily express
how much I hate you
and wish we'd never met.


I bet my friends
that we'd be through
so soon I would forget

your stink, your smell,
the awful odor always all around
that thing you call a will to live--
drags upon the ground.


I want to bite
your crusty lips
right off your ugly face.

Calling you my enemy
fills me with such disgrace.


My final note
for you, my demon,
is one I think you'll hate
the size of pants around your waist
is one that is too great.


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    • Luke Holm profile image

      JourneyHolm 14 months ago

      Hehe, opposite is a child's game. If you say something mean and instantly regret it, you could always say, "Ha, jk, it's opposite day!" I wrote something a little more lovely for my love, but did give this to her at one point. She didn't find as entertaining as I thought she would. Ha!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 14 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Never heard of Opposite Day or tried to write an antonym poem but this was good. You wouldn't want to give it to the one you love on Valentine's Day mistakenly not informing them of the intent, though :)