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A Lovely Drive Becomes Terrifying

Updated on October 8, 2015

On the Highway

Before we begin the story, I want to offer something else to go along with your reading. I wrote this while listening to rainstorm sounds on YouTube to help me get into the story. If you are reading from a computer you can open this link ( in another tab and listen to the sounds Regina heard while on her drive home. Now, on to the story!

Tall, green trees lined each side of this narrow highway. Night was falling, and the rain was pouring. No cars were driving on the highway, except for one. Regina was taking a trip back to her hometown after working at her job for the past few years in the city. However, she has never taken this road before. She noticed not many cars travel through here, so she figured it would be more efficient.

The drive was long and the rain was soothing thus far. Regina felt content she was finally going home. Her family would make periodic trips to the city to visit her, but she wanted to be the one to make the trip this time.

The woods got darker and the rain gradually became aggresive. Regina had to switch her windshield wipers to full speed. She had trouble seeing the road. She squinted her eyes trying to see clearly. Then, suddenly, water splashed all over the windshield. Regina slammed on the brakes. Startled, she tried to calm herself down.

How odd.

After a few moments passed, she looked up. Through the heavy raindrops she saw a figure standing about twenty feet away from the front of her car. Regina couldn't see who it was. But the figured moved, lightning flashed, and Regina saw glimpses of red. Afraid the person was hurt from the abrupt stop, she got out of the car.

Once outside Regina saw no one. Dumbfounded, she looked around. She walked over to the trees, looked for footprints, called out to the mystery person, but she received no answer. She gave up her search and returned to the car.

Regina got into the driver seat, closed her door, then got the feeling she wasn't alone. Her heart began to race. The hairs on the back of her neck stood. Her breathing became heavy. She sensed someone was sitting next to her in the passenger seat. Slowly, she turned her head and looked out of the corner of her eye. A young woman sat there, staring forward. The woman's skin was pale white, and she looked transparent. Blood and gashes covered her body. She muttered something.

Regina, too scared to speak, managed to whisper, "Who are you?" The woman continued to indistinctly mutter. Regina couldn't move. She wanted to get out of the car and run, but she felt paralyzed. Then she heard what the woman said.

"This was his doing."

Finally, Regina was able to move, and she slowly reached for her door, but the woman turned her attention to Regina. "This was his doing," the woman said clearly. The woman moved closer to Regina, leaning in so their faces were inches away. Regina looked into her dead eyes, terrified.

"This...was...HIS DOING!!"

Regina screamed and fumbled for her door to open. She glanced over to the passenger seat and saw it was vacant. Confused, Regina looked around, unknowing tears were streaming down her cheeks. Seeing no signs of the woman, she started the car and drove off, never to return to this narrow highway.


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