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A Memoir-Some Dreams Here

Updated on May 22, 2013

Of Our Life And Creating Writings And Things Here!

Some Dreams Here

Would that I only would be the one writer and poet with the one poet to be

Dreaming and making plans and building ideals, principles and more ideas…

Ideas for great ways of life and living, dreaming

And working and thinking of ways to create

and make things happen for us with our writing careers.

And I was working on my AVON beauty career of ways and good will to do

And dreams of more of our days forthwith success

And new beginnings may happen

While I believe Jesus for doing such things that were seriously hopeful and of truth.

We’ve been looking dashing and beautiful

And living the beautiful and glamorous life of

Poetic revelries’ and imagination and writing skills and talents to make

And build and publish more books

And achieve more necessary dreams and things.

Well, talking and working for ourselves, I believe that is very worthwhile for us good writers and poets!

It is for sure of glory and joy; for I am sincerely, Sherry Shea Jubelirer with Jeffrey D. Jubelirer

April 2008


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