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A Memory of 4 and 6

Updated on May 26, 2017
Juliet Stewart profile image

Juliet Austin- Is an aspiring Writer she enjoys writing poetry, her favorite poet's are William Wordsworth, Claude McKay, and Maya Angelou.

To you my childhood friend

Though memories fill our dreams

Though we may never again meet

The secret of our time together be forgot

An old School atop a hill a bamboo structure that no longer still

Atop that hill where we played

I remember Day's spent eating rainbow cane

Of coconut's being stolen from neighbors plots

Of hide and go seek in the blinding Night

There were two then there were four

Brothers to the very core

Though shades of colors would deny it so

It was in the eyes and on the lips

The mirth that bubbled forth indicative so

Barefoot though we all by choice

Shoes was naught but a cumbersome trial

kept under arms till over the hill we crested far

The gully below should we falter gave pause and shouted danger

Impending doom

It was best to traverse these beautiful green fields

On hands and knees till upright we could walk

No shoes could grip the red mud

The cracking soil

The rocks that loosely made the walking trail that was your home

For a time we played never having known

Yet Years later again we found our path had crossed so many times

Could it be my childhood friend

Had we not shared such intimate details

Of childhood lost now remembered

Time would have made our recall no more

And our memories not quite so

sure at all

For Recardo, who refuses to acknowledge publicly our shared past St. Mary. What a time we had Jamesie James. Di likkle pickey,pickey head gyal an di city come a kuntry bwoy. (the last written in Patois, the language of Jamaicans).

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws. All pictures in my article to include Family and Friends pictures were uploaded under the free usage Laws at the time the Articles were posted to Hubpages. And as such are subject to free usage Laws.

Unless otherwise indicated as far as privacy Laws were indicated. Loss of "source" information due to computer failure or transfer of articles does not negate guilt. Free upload laws apply.

I do not own the rights to artist's depictions of the character's used nor any royalties gained from outside sales, sales not generated from my writing through depiction or creative interpretation.

bamboo structure


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