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A Once Empty Heart

Updated on May 19, 2013
She's with her Savior!
She's with her Savior! | Source
"Have Faith! I'll always come to your aid."
"Have Faith! I'll always come to your aid." | Source

How shall I feel,

How shall I act,

To a voice that echoed in my heart?

A call of a frightened girl in the night.

She sat in that room, alone.

"Is someone there?" was her only call.

Yet no other voice came to make an echo,

To her call that vanished, absorbed by beating walls.

"Help!" she shouted to the dark.

"Someone please stay by my side!"

My eyes itself cried, sad;

Realizing the girl was no other than I...

My soul was in thirst, dry;

I was in a place where there's only drought.

To the heavens I opened my mouth,

Asking for a drizzle of rain to fall from the sky.

In despair, I closed my eyes,

Surrendering, I raised my hands.

But there when I thought all was lost,

Was a man whose hand I could hold.

I fell to my knees and to Him I bowed.

"Be not afraid, follow me," He spoke.

Finding light, into tears I broke,

And to Him, 'til now, I followed.

So...I listened again one night,

Now with two voices echoing in my heart.

"Thank you!" cried the child who was once afraid,

And He said, "Have Faith! I'll always come to your aid."


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