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Updated on December 1, 2012
not my patio but close
not my patio but close
Monterey Bay,California -a haven for hard core scuba divers where my sister and brother in law scuba dives.
Monterey Bay,California -a haven for hard core scuba divers where my sister and brother in law scuba dives.
A representation of my crazy sister
A representation of my crazy sister

I woke up this Saturday morning with my normal routine and a slightly different twist.Pj's,robe ,slippers, your usual morning attire,tussled hair, rubbing my eyes as i climbed out of bed . Had a long hard week this week at work and I am looking forward to this weekend for some peace and tranquility. Dragging my self out of bed,I headed to the kitchen and blindly filled the coffee maker with Pete's coffee grind. Got to have the first brew of coffee before my still sleeping husband got into it first.I take that back.He is always considerate that I always get the first cup of the brew as he is aware that this is my favorite part of a freshly brewed coffee.I was tempted to turn on TV5 and catch up with Euro news hoping to hear the latest in France and Europe but I held back.I had more pressing issues to deal with. I am going to write before the thoughts disappear and will be more difficult to reconstruct at a later time. Time is of the essence.My life depends on this.If you can figure out the logic of that,it's called INSANITY with a capital i.

I headed to the patio,coffee cup in hand , Ipad in tow, and ready to write and spill my guts whatever fancies me today.I have gotten into the writing bug lately ( a hobby i have put into the backburner eons of years ago) through the courtesy of a friend who introduced me to Hubpages by default.It is amazing that I can still construct fairly coherent trend of thought and wonders of wonders , thoughts come and they formulate into words and constructed into coherent sentences.They just flow like the Mekong River with unexplained reasons.I have to admit that I am such a sucker for writing and reading in Hubpages.I have been with Hubpages for almost three weeks and undeniably, it is addictive.Humbly, I pat myself on the back for re-venturing into the unknown territory of writing.I thought I have left this all behind me since high school and university days as a writer wanna be in the school paper. Lo and behold,the instinct and the love of writing unknowingly and subconsciously haunted me and has returned to me for unknown reasons. ONCE A WRITER ,ALWAYS A WRITER.But I have to remind myself : Don't push it, Mel, you're going too far!. I can dream, can't I?

Nevertheless, I still believe that God works in mysterious ways and HE uses other people to implement HIS mysteries.Maybe I was born to write and HubPages was the way to go.Who knows? Fat chance on that, I chuckled.

As I pound away with words and sentences in the Ipad, my solitude was suddenly disturbed by my sister and brother in law who invited themselves into the house,unannounced , without calling nor texting.That pretty much sums up my sister who I dearly love but who can be annoying and crazy at times.You'd think I am the crazy one in the family , until you have met my sister. They wanted to invite us and asked if Steven and I would like to join them for a scuba diving trip to Monterey and Carmel.They offered and enticed me for free lunch at the Sheraton Monterey as they are going to use their American Express card miles to treat us for a fancy lunch. Me and Steven scuba diving 100 feet below sea level in the almost shark infested waters of Monterey?...I DON'T THINK SO... Oh brother! I can tell you, my sister is a certified lunatic.Given the unplanned invitation and my inexperience with scuba diving which I really don't care for, I flatly said no. Not even with a fancy SHERATON hotel lunch.

What had gotten that idea into my sister's head is a mystery that perhaps only Jesus holds the answer for it. Such invitation left me scratching my head and my already tussled hair.Of all people ,I should be the last person on the face of the earth she would invite to go scuba diving with. Well, I shouldn't be surprised anymore.Just the mere mention of my sister's name is enough to answer my own question.

I stood my ground and I opted to spend my Saturday morning quietly and peacefully after I hinted to them that I have important things to take care of, which cannot be disturbed nor postponed.I promised to take up on their invitation next time, provided they notify me ,first and change the activity from scuba diving to shopping. Sometimes you can get out of the hole with small inuendos.Shopping is not my sister's nor my brother in law's favorite thing to do.That will get them scurrying off faster than a squirrel. Problem solved.

Halleujah!. My undisturbed writing continues.... THANK YOU ,LORD. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


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    • Globetrekkermel profile image

      Globetrekkermel 5 years ago from CALIFORNIA

      Lol Bongsantos, i appreciate your accolade for my presumably excellent writing but honestly , I feel that i am in no way excellent at all. I just write from the heart, what feels good and what inspires me. For a fellow hub writer to even read my hubs, is a plus and grately appreciated .

      I doubt if my articles are interesting enough to be read .

    • BongSantos profile image

      Jobb Gosamo 5 years ago from Philippines

      How can you attack your loved one with such 'tender ferocity"? I see you both in my mind as I go through your article, and the images are lovely.

      I love your minute-by-minute narration. Only excellent writers like you can invite readers to share their experience - to see and feel with them.

      Voted awesome and beautiful