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Updated on December 13, 2012

Friends are important too

Thank you for the feedback. I do enjoy writing poems and such. Thank you all for the love.

Please enjoy more of my poems.


Darryl William Crawford

What is a friend

A moment of silence, there's no need for
advertisement, a hand stretched forth,
without judgment of course. There is no
place for pride, where a friend resides, because I care, that's why I'm there.
And O yes there will be some secrets that are shared, to only those
ones who care. Love is the evidence, we
can not pretend this existence, a movement
of the spirit, mind and soul, each desiring to make each
whole. Forgiveness is nothing new, this is
bound to keep us true. You forgive me, I forgive you. A cry is never a
surprise, when you realize your true prize,
that you have a friend, who loves you without
end. How do you know who is your friend?
TIME will tell you, always. Truth comes out
boldly, on any topic with friends, knowing
that their secrets are kept inside. Lies
appear when fear is present. True friends
FEAR NOT, this is our evidence.

O it takes time to really make good friends, but isn't it worth it?

Destiny cries out for you

There is no greater conflict,
then to loose your own soul, (your mind, will and emotions)

for your destiny has been written by GOD,
so it is you who must ask GOD to help you get out of the hole.
A fish out of water will not survive,
a love never found will surely die,
once a flower sees the sun it cannot hide,
love from above will replace one's pride,
God wants to help write your story,
learn that this temporal is just that, temporal and hold on
to eternity, which is our true journey, which is our true journey.

The art of listening

Listening is the path to respectful intimacy
that allows the listener to inhale
each word which is delivered by
the other who needs another.
Every sound opens the mind through
the passage of time to a symphony
we store into memory as a frequency
that we can retain frequently for
identity. Exploring the movement
of the eyes and lips and soul, to
behold that inner glow that one
desires to know deep down, O how I hear your sound, your voice, by choice.
To be written within the mind, my mind, so
one can rewind and listen again in
time. Paying attention without
distraction because listening is
an art of compassion of the heart. This is great, you had me from the start.

Alpha Rhythm

As the two become one
Together counting every season
In a give and take relation
Living life to the maximum
Like dedicated musicians
We rehearse every session
With only one intention
To behold every reason
Love is the highest invitation
Much stronger than emotion
Much deeper than thee ocean
Nothing can top love's expression



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