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A Painful Courage

Updated on March 3, 2012

This is a poem I wrote some time ago as I was feeling some empathy for those who lack the strength, temporarily or as a matter of countenance, to be themselves boldly.

A Painful Courage

Strident stroll
'pon fiery coals
of reddened woe;
his boldness borne, it seems, of ego.

Masked anxiousness
for some fearless
disguise, I guess.
His armor worn, he feigns a desperate

But, impulse, heeled
and angst revealed
id's layers peeled
He harbours scorn, and yet has no

For, carpe diem
calls and we em-
brace and see im-
pulse adorning streams of

Still on a roll,
the liar recoils
as deadening blow
does morning's rising


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