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A Pint Of Emotions

Updated on April 1, 2016

Fading Bubble

Knowing a bubble is somehow enjoyable.
Feels happy and breathe-taking.
Happiness so incomparable
And paradise in the making.

Memories that brings you to heaven,
Laughters that calms my mind.
Hearing that squacks of the Raven
And voice that no one can find.

Lost in the clouds and skies
Jolting through the time's change
Not hearing goodbyes.
And memories that will forever range.

Floating in the midnight
And soaring through lands and seas.
So warming, you are in my sight
And I can hear the singing of the bees.

How long will you vanish?
How far will you go?
Is there a finish?
I just want to know.

Will you stay with me?
Will you leave my side?
Is this meant to be?
Or is this just a short ride?

Someday the bubble I know, will go.
I know somehow it'll bend.
This happiness is not forever in a row
And just tick of the clock and the end.

Journey with a Friend

There are times that I wish I was alone.
Times no one would say a word.
Words that give chills to my bone,
And memories that formed a cord.

I don't know who I am.
I don't know why I'm here.
I don't know why I'm so calm,
Knowing that you are near.

Pillows of tears.
Blanket of sorrows.
You erased all of my fears
And wiped away the tint on my eyebrows.

As I was going through pain,
You painted my life with rainbows.
The time when I almost went insane,
You were there and held my elbows.

I don't know why you are here.
I don't know why you stayed.
I don't know why you're so dear,
And your pureness will never be paid.

As time folds so fast,
You still fought the tides.
Knowing all of my past,
Yet you never chose sides.

You made me a rose.
As pretty, as free.
You guided my foes,
And the future, you let me see.

I know our paths will never be the same.
Our journey will somehow subside.
But I know this isn't a game,
And you will always be by my side.

As our memories pin in my heart,
Our time will never end.
We will never be apart,
And you will always be my friend.

Friends through thick and thin

Psyche Of Pain

Naked night resumes.
Strolling the boulevard of broken dreams.
Loyalty and pain, he consumes.
Crimson dream as it seems.

Hard to understand,
Complicated to explain.
Listening to the leader of the band,
And rhythm of the rain.

Trying to call,
Hearing murmurs in my mind.
In this night, I fall.
The night I find.

Running through depths and heights.
Singing this song,
Remeniscing these sights,
And choosing where to belong.

I know where I've been
But I don't know who I am.
Nothing can be seen
And fireflies will never come.

In this dawn I will wait,
Wait for blue skies.
Now I know this is my fate,
Fate for temporary hellos and permanent goodbyes.

Hidden Sorrows


Running inside the voices of my mind.
Crying my heart out.
When did I become so blind?
What is this endless route?

Coldness covering me.
Darkness surrounds.
Sunlight is all I can see.
But I know how this sounds.

No one cares
And no one understands.
No one stares
And no one lend their hands.

Please save me from this darkness.
Help me find my entity.
Erase my sadness
And make me escape this reality.

Love and fear.
Hope and trust.
I have nothing left but a pleading tear
And a heart that has to adjust.

Roses of beauty and pride
Thorns of pain and hurt.
Though I really need to decide
And they just desert.

Feelings of belongingness
Pride that destroys.
Waiting for happiness
In this place full of alloys.

One day, I'll be there.
Someday I will win.
Until then I'll no longer care
From where I've been.


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