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A Poem for Mom

Updated on May 9, 2012

There was a time, many years ago, when I dabbled in rhymes and meters. I was in high school and tried to create poems about anything I could think of. One of my creations was this poem I made for my mom for that year's Mother's Day. I remember writing it in a beautiful stationery and handing it to her on the morning of that special day. I watched her as she read it and as she was nearing the end, tears were falling from her eyes. She was touched.

I could never forget that moment. I was expecting a smile and some words of appreciation. It was an amateur poem after all. But I got more than that.

I realized right there and then that mothers are really simple persons. They do not need expensive gifts (Though I'm sure they will appreciate it. I know I will.) They just want to be appreciated. My poem may be amateurish but was made from the heart. She felt it as she read it, hence, the tears.

This year, I thought of digging up that amateur poem and posting it here. I am now a mother myself but I will always be my mother's daughter.


My Mother

A wonderful woman in her own right
Does everything with all her might
She wakes up before the break of dawn
And her whole system starts to function.

She has the strength to do almost everything
From cooking to washing to cleaning
Plus she takes care of her children
Who sometimes are a real pain in the neck.

Problems may come in row
But she has her own way to work it out somehow
She's a super tough lady
For she manages everything so easily.

And on this year's Mother's Day
The 13th* day of May
This poem of mine I offer you
To take away all your blues.

I want to make you see
That you mean the whole wide world to me
You're like a candle in the night
For you made my life so shining bright.

Having you as my mother
Makes me the happiest girl in the universe
You're just next to perfect
And I'll always treasure you like a jewel in a treasure chest.

*Changed to the Mother's Day date for 2012.


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    • mommy ara profile image

      mommy ara 5 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Sturgeonl! Yes, it is really for Mother's Day. I see that you're also a mom so let me greet you now an advanced Happy Mother's Day!

    • Sturgeonl profile image

      Sturgeonl 5 years ago

      Just in time for Mother's Day! Very nice sentiments to mothers!