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A Pot of Golden Eggs Laid At The End Of A Rainbow.

Updated on March 25, 2010

A Pot Of Golden Eggs Laid At The End Of A Rainbow.


I was in a bit
of a day dreamy mode,
after four hours
in the April sun,
on the bend of river
thick with steel-head
and rainbow trout.

You could see them there
in the depths of the clear stream,
but most were stealing the head
of my bait from the hook,
and the rainbow of other backs
held a promise of never again
flooding my catch bucket.

I picked up a rod, and
and reeled it in quick,
to check the bait,
when suddenly it jerked
in a manner much like
Godzilla ejaculating.

Then it bent harshly
into a Mickey D sign
with only one arch,
and I was but one step away
from being pulled towards
a fish lipped death
in the drink.

What looked like a mediocre
rainbow trout under water,
took me on a run up the river
much like the Queen's maidens
chasing the basket case
of the precious baby Moses.

20 long, muscle straining
minutes later I reeled it in
close enough to shore
to net and lift it,
where I discovered with
much delight its net worth.

After gently removing a
very stubborn hook
from its top fin,
I hoisted it out

fingers gently hooked

under its gills,
to find 24 inches of a fat
and still struggling
rainbow trout extravaganza!

My jealous buddy
took several pictures,
and then it began
squirting eggs all over my boots,
so I placed it back in the river,
and set it free.

It was a Mother you see,
trying desperately to
lay her eggs
before she died,
and she held a whole lot more
fish for me to catch later on.

She swam away,
blowing me fish kisses,
as I re-baited my hooks
to no avail for two more hours.

But I went home with a smile
stretched 24 inches across my face,
as well as a fish story to tell,
and some digital photos to back it up.

Not exactly an
Earnest Hemingway tale
but it was a bright rainbow splash
that helped freshly dampen my rather
dry as of late memories.


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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Kudos! Encore! Encore!