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A Practical Life of Peace, Not a Day in Paradise

Updated on December 15, 2019
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Optimism is a great virtue & source of strength, but the fact is that there remains a half-empty glass prone to more emptiness. Be aware.

A Practical Life of Peace (= actual success), Not a Day in Paradise...

A day in paradise also meant another thousand interpretations of it, followed by a profound impact that would unshackle all the unshakable chains of destiny, and subsequently shatter the very basis of your wishes and positive imaginations of a good life. This basis arises from a fair bit of taste of success and probable dreams, which were just enough to motivate and also over-promise a big world, seemingly made of smokes, at least for many of us who did not realize the importance of time, opportunity and undivided attention, when they were most needed.

This cognizance, although a very reasonable shock and indeed a very late realization, was still only a preview to a more intensely culminating moment when the mother of all realizations hits you, at the most contrarily ironic juncture of your life. The even more troubling news is that, at this formidable moment, you still haven't really achieved much or have had a satisfying life or family to content yourself with, except for the initial nibbles of success and some preludes to luxury.

Peace was and is still a vain concept, and neither the innumerable sermons and speeches of spiritual wisdom, nor the head-on practical tips and tricks mattered, because, at the end of the day, it was what you had in your pockets and lockers that actually valued your value and your valuables. This is not a sigh in frustration, rather a truly cognizant thought of reality, a reality that did not turn out to be so real for the stupid ones amongst us.

The personal struggles, the mumbles, the grunts, the door kicks, all were but a mere effect of the predefined limitations thus created by the froth of practical failure. And no, once again this is not a part of the grunt of the frustrated mind, but a blurt of the illuminated psyche. Also, 'failure' is not meant to mean any different than what it practically means, and should not be taken as a hook to churn out another set of psychologist chapters or more spiritual mumbo jumbo. Reality is a reality, it hurts and everyone who feels can feel the hurt and will go through the excruciating pain, and no psychologist or guru can stop it or fully cure it, that's REAL, that's PRACTICAL, that's REALITY.

Life, as it truly stands, is a very complicated maze of thoughts and mental struggles and also a maze to physically go through and exhert yourself, and get more and more exhausted along the way, both mentally and physically. You have to be FOCUSED, with UNDIVIDED ATTENTION, and also be super SMART and SINCERE in all your efforts, including infinite amount of PATIENCE in getting something done or waiting for someone to respond or respond nicely or at least give you what you need, and never give up, no matter what. Never succumb, never speak up or speak back, but keep suggesting, keep coaxing, keep smiling and keep working, and NO PRIDE. Be confident all along the way to get the certificate of insurance to keep passing on to the next level of success, and this process is not only mandatory, but it is also accompanied with a constant smile ensuring perpetual votes of approval. All this would also indirectly help in showcasing and promoting any special skill or artistic talent. Thereby, you get it ALL.

A life of practical peace and earthly happiness is thus possible. The lesson to remember is - the focus must be on A Practical Life of Peace, Not a Day in Paradise, and Practical Life of Peace = actual worldly success, and there's no place for pride.


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