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A Princess, a Knight, and Hilarious Family Dynamics in Getting Along in Picture Book by Beloved Babymouse Authors

Updated on October 24, 2019
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Brother and Sister Find a Way to Get Along with a Surprise Helper

Fun read for every family who has the problem of helping siblings get along
Fun read for every family who has the problem of helping siblings get along | Source

Can't We All Get Along?

Beloved authors of the Babymouse series have two new characters to enjoy with their new picture book The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight. All families will appreciate the family dynamics of siblings who must find a way to get along. This new picture book will have young readers and parents laughing as they read along to discover howthis brother and sister figure out a way to live peacefully together.

The evil princess likes to cast spells. She torments her brother with her spells and the magic mirror insists that calm must be a part of living together as brother and sister. The brave knight must endure the troubles when they both get sent to their rooms. Sometimes sisters can be a pain! The evil princess soon realizes that being alone is not much fun as she ponders her plight in her room. The brave knight also soon realizes that it is not much fun to be alone as he finds creative things to do while he is also exiled to his room. The magic mirror agrees to let them come out if they will promise to get along and they both agree. A surprise event happens and they must work together to be of aid to the cat. Brothers and sisters will discover the lesson to be learned from the evil princess and the brave knight as they find a way to get along peacefully by working together.

Colorful and hilarious illustrations fill the pages to help tell the story. The text is written with conversation bubbles in a cartoon-like manner. Young children will be engaged as this funny story unfolds to teach a family lesson that siblings must find a way to get along in order for the family to live peacefully. Fans of brother and sister author team Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm will want to add this adorable picture book to their family library.

The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight was published by Random House Children's Books and has an ISBN of 978-1-5247-7134-8.

Colorful and Hilarious Illustrations Add to the Story

No fun being alone
No fun being alone | Source
No fun being alone
No fun being alone | Source
Surprise ending with problem solved
Surprise ending with problem solved | Source

Classroom Ideas for This Adorable Picture Book

Picture books were always my go-to tool in my early childhood and kindergarten classrooms. Picture books with concepts that children relate to are a great way to enhance the reading experience and create fun activities to use along with the book. Jennifer and Matthew Holms' The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight is a picture book that teachers will want to add to their classroom library and use for teaching several concepts.

*Read The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight in your story time session. Call attention to the fact these these characters are siblings.

*Take a class poll of how many children have siblings. Who is older between siblings and how many have brothers vs. sisters?

*Engage the children in a discussion of problems in getting along. Use this discussion as a group writing session and write the children's words on large chart paper. Read the comments together afer completing the activity.

*Offer a creative writing activity for children to write their own story of a conflict between themselves and their sibling. Young children who are not yet writing can dictate their story to the teacher for later reading.

*Younger children who are not yet writing can also draw their story of a conflict that they might have with their sibling.

*Engage the children in a group discussion of how the evil princess and the brave knight solved their problem in getting along.

*Engage the children in a problem -solving discussion of how they solve their own problems in getting along with their siblings.

© 2019 Cindy Hewitt


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