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A Promise

Updated on September 24, 2013
Dragon Tapestry
Dragon Tapestry

Every night I go to sleep
And wonder if I'll still wake and see
Your glowing eyes, your smile, your grace
I wonder if I'll still see your face

And hear I love you again once more
That you will speak it and for sure
Be there to hear it when I speak
I worry as my heart does sink

The loss of you it frightens me so
And as the days in question grow
The unknown creeps in without a sound
All I hear is the merry go round

Of will it be or will it not
Be meant to be or does universe taunt
With our hearts and with our souls
As the pain within daily grows

I am afraid to loose my love
The one who fits me like a glove
And holds me here upon this plane
In hopes that we shall meet again

We light our candles and take our vows
That on this plane we will meet now
And overcome the deep despair
That has settled over us here

That we will marry our families combine
Our hearts as one they intertwine
The distance conquered and race being won
One together in the bright sun

Allowing not those things in physical
To deter goals we have in place
While difficult this task it remains quizzical
That these stones do slow our pace

It is a miracle we have come this far
And yet so much further to reach our star
Doing best to keep our hopes afloat
And patch the holes of a sinking boat

With something stronger than just thatch
Is patched with something that will last
True love will bring us to our ground
Where we will live here earthbound

Trust the universe that there indeed
Are reasons for these hearts to bleed
In desperation and unceasing pain
To be one together again

We share our spirits every day
And every night we fly and play
But in the physical we become weak
Laden by those pains we weep

These things we have to muddle and do
Will bring us strength through and through
To face far tougher times ahead
Together we'll stand and will not bend

We will and can weather every storm
And a rainbow each time will be reborn
And the beauty that shows us at that time
Will bring us joy until next rhyme

Each day must indeed bring new hope
Each day must hold tight to the rope
That binds together both of us
In love, In Life, In this we must trust

And renew our efforts to succeed
To our goals we will work and heed
To make right what was once wrong
To be together and sing loves song

Dedicated to M.D. Who fought the good fight and lost to MS in Jan. 2011 Kari Shinal Copyright 2-18-08


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    • Tuatha profile image

      Kari Shinal 4 years ago from Seligman AZ

      Thanks! It's nice to know some of the work sticks out of the crowd. Makes things interesting and original. Something I like to see in others.

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 4 years ago from SW England

      A beautiful poem, sad but hopeful too. Your writing is so original, the style different from anything I've read before. Poetry is such a good outlet for many different forms of expression, isn't it? Up and beautiful. Ann