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A Punny Original Joke

Updated on July 25, 2015

What Wildebeest Do?

So there was this rich guy who kept a menagerie of exotic pets. One day at the zoo he was admiring the wildebeest and noticed a majestic one with a very long beard. He asked the zookeeper about it & found out it was the oldest one in the herd. The guy was fascinated & asked if he could buy it. After some negotiating he was able to take the wildebeest home. He was ecstatic and proudly showed him off to his neighbor who was out playing with his labrador retriever. The neighbor smiled and acknowledged how impressive the animal looked, then went back to playing fetch with his lab.

Over the next few days the rich guy noticed that his wildebeest didn't seem to do a whole lot- he just ate grass, wandered around and pooped. Meanwhile, he noticed his neighbor's lab could fetch, roll over, come when called, shake, all kinds of things.Jealous, he thought he'd see what he could teach his wildebeest to do. After several weeks of effort trying to teach him the simplest skills like shaking or rolling over with zero success he gave up in utter frustration.

His neighbor had been watching the whole time in amusement and finally came over to the fence to talk. "So how's it going over there?" he asked. "Not so good", the rich guy replied. "He just can't catch on to anything!" The neighbor grins, looks the rich guy in the eye and says, "You know why, don't you?" Rich guy says, "No!" Neighbor says,"Well you know what they say-

You can't teach an old gnu dog tricks!"

You're welcome.

What's Gnu, Wildebeest?


Where to See Gnus/Wildebeests in the Wild!

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