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A Reverie

Updated on June 13, 2016

Muse closed her eyes and stood in front of me with joined hands. My mischievous eyes defocussed the statuette of Lord Ganesh in the foreground and focused on her resplendent face in the background. I tried to overhear her spiritual communication with the God. I knew that it was a silent orison; still I was curious to comprehend her devout petition. All that I could perceive was the sound of her heartbeats. It sounded to me like the resonance of temple bells. The resonance reverberated in the chambers of my heart.

The mole on her neck winked at me as if it understood my unsaid feelings. This put me into a light trance. An earthen lamp flared deep within. Colorful clouds hovered over my sky of imagination. Sooner, It started to  rain heavily - the rain of ‘bubbles’ and ‘balloons’.  Yes I was daydreaming. "Girl! We have to get wet in this rain of unsaid feelings".

It felt distinct to dream with the eyes wide opened. However the rain didn’t last longer. The balloons and bubbles went out of sight when she opened her eyes. Isn't this crazy? ~ My reverie ended as soon as she opened her eyes. I wish that her prayer time lasts long – really long.


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