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A Roman Emperors Diary

Updated on August 29, 2011

We looked's trend of corn and wheat overflowing it's four
corners of golden structure. What a sight to behold, a monument of
gold plated pillars exceeding over thirty feet in height, the entire
town surrounding this heaven sent that defended from the heavens about
an hour ago. Where did it come from I had to ask myself, Ares and
Venus won't be happy with this, we saw humans just like us exit it's
interior, those doors that opened while smoke ripped through the air.
There was fire and the ground melted a little from it's landing,
although it was confusing as to Icarus and his form of flying and this
machine, it's structure in no way resembling a bird of any sort.

The villagers had been carrying the food from it's interior since it
landed, the humans speaking in a very different language, one of
clicks and grunts, their vocal cords much different, but their body
motions gave us privilege to the food. This is very confusing, as i
can believe that they are gods and anger the ones I've never seen, or
portray them as angels and the such that have come to give us a feast
since the drought. The other villagers have decided that regardless
of what this was, it was also a chance to rebuild our villagers to
fight back against Carthage. They have been challenge and destroying
our ships by Syracuse for months, and this will give us the
opportunity to determine a victorious fate.

A few months went by, the Carthegian land and sea force began to
retreat to outer lying islands as our country's sea force with a large
food surplus and superior siege technology took the island, and very
quickly pushed themselves into the leading naval force in the
Mediterannean sea. I don't know why this sudden chain of events had
taken place, and why the gods wanted us to defeat them so, but I do
know that we have become the supreme rulers of the land, and with
careful decisions we will rule the world.


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