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A Rondeau: Death By Moped

Updated on November 10, 2011



A Rondeau: Death By Moped

A motor bike called a moped.

For boys who like fun so I read.

They love the ride its so much fun.

Fun to ride out in the hot sun.

They hate their helmets on their head.

Big crash resulting in bloodshed.

Their brains feel as if hit by lead.

All their good health and luck is done.

Death by Moped.

They are laid out and in their bed.

Liquid in a tube they are fed.

They know they were never the one.

Life is over before it begun.

Death by Moped!


I live in a community in which everyone must volunteer literally. You can’t graduate from High School here without completing several hundred of volunteer work. I personally think it is a good practice to try and always make yourself useful. Being useful in society is one of the best ways to a stable life. And if you can’t find employment, volunteering usually opens doors to employment.

So when I was young I had the choice to volunteer on the ambulance squad or the Hospital. Both my uncle’s had volunteered on the ambulance squad so I thought I would follow in that tradition even though I was a girl. It would have been far easier for me to become a Candy stripper as a girl but I wanted to go against the tides and extend myself so I was on the ambulance squad. It is a lot of hard work and the ambulances in my area run around the clock.

This poem is about one of the first accidents I was witness to. I remember literally being asked to scrap the victims brains off the road. I think the paramedics wanted to desensitizes me to the blood and gore. Until you have seen one of these accidents you haven’t a real appreciation just how bad they can be, especially without a helmet. But to e clear I have seen really horrible moped accidents with helmets.


This is my final Rondeau for this contest. And while it will take many years to perfect this type of poetry I feel I have gotten the mechanics down so I will move on as I only have a few more weeks left in the contest in which to submit the poems. The response to my poetry has been great by some but over all poetry is not often read on hubpages so I am a bit discouraged by the traffic I have received. The point of this exercise was to extend myself beyond my own writing abilities and to find a new outlet for my writing. And where I have written fictional work that has been published before poetry is an entirely new game to me.

I appreciate everyone’s patience with me as I attempt to learn how to write poetry. And it is a challenge but I am happy to report I see poetry as an opportunity to use my Mathematical abilities as well. And I have really enjoyed that aspect of writing poetry. I have also enjoyed learning something new. Actually I have learned several things new about poetry which I never knew existed before in my life.

And so I find this to have been and exceptionally meaningful experience and I have enjoyed it immensely. I only hope that I have entertained, amused or educated as I have been on this journey.


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