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A Sand Grain Galaxy

Updated on October 3, 2013

A Silent Scream Awakens the Dream

My mind rejects the conclusion that what it projects is all that it has to fathom. If there's a way to feel ultimately connected to everything in existence, did we ever disconnect? These bodies that we inhabit, could they be shells that imagination itself crawled into?

The desire of being wanted, companionship, fear of isolation and demanding attention. Are these things a way of keeping the connection of consciousness flowing? The conflicting strengths of love and hate are constantly spreading like a rabid virus. We are not simply stuck in between the struggle in an innocent limbo. We are this experience as it is happening. Evolving.

Total control comes from letting go. There's always this human urge to steer the course. We like to define, sort, categorize, and bring answers to that which we can't possibly understand. What will become of you when food, needed to nourish you, is the one thing that you can't eat? What would you do if water was the one thing you couldn't drink? What would it mean if you had to hate everything in order to understand what love is?

Closing your eyes, you're still aware of your scenes. You cannot escape them unless you physically remove them from your body. Suppose for a moment that you've fallen asleep. A dream awakens in your slumber. In this dream your senses begin to rapidly morph and warp distorting your perception. Colors can suddenly be felt and tasted. Shapes can now be heard and sounds can now be seen. It seems that these sounds can change the speed of time. Tastes bring back all of the memories that have been forgotten. Sexuality now has the power to alter the alignment of planets and stimulate an orgasmic unity. Rivers flow in all directions, cleansing all questions that have kept you craving control. Nothing is certain, this is your reminder, that is if you remember it upon your awakening. Was it a dream, or is this life a dream? You can't possibly know what it means.

I believe that there are many more senses, that we in these human shells can't yet come to understand. We won't know truly until we move on from here. Taking the next step, will i remember this moment writing this line, embracing these feelings, using these senses as i have in this life? Its left in the hands of the universe for the universe is my memory, and everything that is yet to happen. Along with the many things that are to happen again

The next time you embrace one that you unconditionally love close your eyes. You'r holding them now. Your holding yourself. The pulse is in both of you, as it always has been. Built up of small planets like grains of sand. Keep the love close and spread it like a disease. With full respect for the hatred that gives it its meaning. Knowing now that there is no answer, ask more questions to expand the imagination. Every instance is the begging. Every ending gives birth. Now when you sleep dream to dream of more dreams. Now when you speak, remember to speak of infinity.


A note scribbled on an envelope

I've never been too smart
Just dangerously curious
Born again into this world
With no adaptations fit for its confusion

Mental projectile misfires
Tugging me in every direction
These crystal waters are solid with all of their barren thoughts
I don't even care
To see my reflection

So many people
Gliding on the surface

Sink me to the deepest depths
Or through me back into the womb
To redevelop 
A mind that refuses to think for itself  

Music has a divine way of triggering emotion.
Music has a divine way of triggering emotion. | Source

Wake up

Shake off the dreams of sleep
A hesitant hibernation 
A fearful, anxious excitement 
Crawling from the cave to the daylight
As has been done countless times before

Down in the rocks she waited for him
Her hair swirling in the wind

"Hold your breath"
He whispered in her ear
"Open your eyes"
He screamed out for the surrounding mountains to echo 

Back again
So soon
Yet it seemed so long since they had last been here
Eyes adjusting to this old line of sight
Ecstatic like wandering children
Thinking of things that they have to discover

Stars appear in the dusk distance
Signaling a trail for the mind to follow


Running on Eggshells, Sleeping on Sun Sets

I can feel your presence speaking to me

Shaking, waving, flailing

Like the hands of an electric mime

Shoking, jolting

Bring us together

Bring us to life

A stranger

A true friend

A Betrayer

Mistakes wont be held against eachother

Imperfections kill the fear

It seems as tho weve known eachother forever

Hold eachother high

When we can sence eachothers painful vibrations

Forget what weve been tought

This is existence

This life is short

But we will go on forever

Again we will greet eachother with new aliasas

What is life?

Repeating itself similtaniously

Grabbing eachother by the core

To saparate in the whirl pool

Like magnets we will attract eachother back

Reliving the feeling

Antoher greeting

© 2013 Skyler DeCristoforo


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    • SkySlave profile image

      Skyler DeCristoforo 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Happy that you enjoyed it Gypsy. You'r support feeds the inspiration!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and awesome. Your poetry always provides great emotions and imagery. Enjoyed.

    • SkySlave profile image

      Skyler DeCristoforo 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Hey thanks Eddy! Continue thinking, continue questioning, spread the love and overcome,

      - Skyler

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      Wonderfully interesting; voted up for sure.