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Mystery In Old Town Mombasa: Myth, A Scary Ghost Poem and Mystery Art

Updated on March 10, 2011

Scary Halloween Masks and African Tribal Masks

Inspiration for this Scary Poem: Mombasa Town and A Mysterious Art Piece

This scary ghost poem was inspired by a metal art work piece I did of a woman with a veiled face. There was something haunting and mysterious about the art piece. I come from Kenya and Mombasa is one of Kenya's oldest towns. It is a popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches and ancient buildings including Fort Jesus. Old town Mombasa is a section of Mombasa with ancient buildings, narrow streets and curio shops. There are plenty of ghost stories about Mombasa and Fort Jesus. Many of the stories are about genies and how they disguise themselves as cats and beautiful women and wreak all sorts of mischief on humans. There are also stories about witchcraft the supernatural and how some Mombasa residents keep genies for all sorts of purposes. When I was younger we frequently went to Mombasa on holiday and even though we were staying in some of the best hotels I was always petrified when I found a cat outside my room. I was also scared of been in the hotel room on my own. Yes I confess I am a coward, but don't let my stories scare you off, Mombasa is a beautiful town full of history, culture and sandy beaches so come visit some day.

Mystery Abstract Metal Art: Mystery Behind the Blue Veil

Semi-Abstract Metal Artwork By Injete Chesoni:
Semi-Abstract Metal Artwork By Injete Chesoni:

Scary Poems & Scary Stories

Scary Poem by Injete Chesoni: Mystery in Old Town Mombasa

She had an air of mystery about her

as she sat in the window and stared

I was walking in Old Town Mombasa

and I remembered what they said

That ghosts haunt this town

and things are not always what they seem

There are genies dressed up as cats

and men in women’s bui-buis

So I stared in her eyes and scurried

Even as my mind paused to think

Was she really a woman in clothing

Or a supernatural being

Scary Poem by Injete Chesoni: 
Mystery In Old Town Mombasa
Abstract Metal Art By Injete:  
Mystery Art Piece

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    • profile image

      rich bish 

      2 years ago

      i ddnt rilli read t

    • Moyra profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hi "Carol3san" and "Roshall" thanks for the encouragement and good wishes.

    • roshall profile image


      7 years ago from Ohio

      Great poem.

    • carol3san profile image

      Carolyn Sands 

      7 years ago from Hollywood Florida

      You have a very creative mind. I love a nice scary story from time to time. And your art is interesting also. Best of luck to you


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