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A Selection Of Times

Updated on August 18, 2010

Hear These Words & Know My Mask Is Gone

The Face Without The Mask She Was Born With

 The Unknown Name

Oh wretched sir how many names have I given in place of yours to hide your sought after identity

To many to count I say asuredly

But when I gaze into thoes dark eyes full of longing and impish spirit how could I tear myself from you.

  A.E.P. (An Emos Prayer)

Screaming makes the pain stop though the blood pounding in my ears tells me otherwise

I hear her scream as the self mutilation begins

I pass through the door way

I see her with her head bowed low her knees on the floor a razor beside her and blood pouring from her veins

And I realize this girl is me

I run to my room and pound my bloody fists into the wall

I fall down defeated

Crying Screaming Swearing at everything around me

The bleeding stops

My breath shortens

The walls start to close in

A panic wells up in me

I run to my window and strike it sending shards everywhere

I step through the wreckage

On to the grass and let my body fall to the ground

I look up at the black sky

The shadows made by the moon seem to mock me

The moons baithing glow makes me claw at my face and I realize this frightened beast is me

I jump to my feet and run into the shadowed woods

My music pounding into my skull

A peace comes over me and I fall again upon my back, into the  leaves

Darkness closes in around me

I welcome its presence

I hope to never wake again.

(This was my first poem I ever wrote.)


I had a meeting which I should not have kept

The words exchanged were much too harsh

The dark surroundings chokeing me

I knew right then that I should leave but emotion held stronger then will

The end will come I hope it will

My mind destroyed

My spirit ravaged by something far more deadly and savage then what you know or what you could

How could I have known that it would break my glassy mask in a fraction of a second and with time left to pass

The beginning was forbidden

The ending a death sentance

How could I have forseen that the audiance of love would be more then the game I created

For now I am alone as the light is faded

I stand like a sone on my own

Blank exspression my reason for silence unknown

The tone of desecration plays within my heart holding the most condemning organs voice

The lights dim once more as I scream out in desperation pleading sincerily for more

I welcome the attack for my exspression is gray and the emotions of my heart held at bay.



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    • Wrath Warbone profile image

      Terry Chestnutt 7 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      Wonderfully expressive and riveting. Thanks.