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The Framework of Love. Tolerance, Patience, Stopping and Picking up for Each Other. The Tiny Acts that Live Forever

Updated on November 24, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Looking for Calm Waters

From a Pool of Drowning Emotions a better state can be Found
From a Pool of Drowning Emotions a better state can be Found


I deserve that elegance? That Poise?

Too much I try to “requalify”. She overlooks my awkwardness

And twinkles.

She tires of my attempts to declare in a new way

The rising feeling of love and appreciation

I hold in my quivering heart.


As steady as an elegant swan courses through

The choppy lake waves

She doesn’t bother with new statements of love

She just keeps moving through our daily loving events.

She knows she has me.

By virtue of my constant praise,

I think I sound like a song set on “too loud”!

She turns that elegant head, sees through her day.

I help her when she needs it.

She honestly asks for me

When the clouds start darkening

The around.

I provide and help naturally.

We are both in such Harmony of Soul,

And Personality and Disposition.

She is so deep.

My heart bids me to swim to her depths.

I can’t hold my breath, but I can blow happy bubbles.

She could hurt me. But she doesn’t.

If I hurt her accidentally, it enrages me.

Sometimes I kick myself for my ineptitude.

She knows I do that, and she tells me to stop.

She teaches me that not forgiving and forgetting

Are rocks that we carry across the Stony Stream,

Endangering our footing and occupying our stress.

When we pause in the Quietude of the Evening,

We both feel the Elation and Peace of Being a Couple.

Funnily, the less we talk about it, the more Tangible

It Becomes. There is a Sense that We Originated Long Ago.

She is my Favorite Person Because, She is Joined to me.

How can we resist the very own parts of us?

I am too happy. I should take this more in stride.

I should sit back and take this crystallized union for granted.

Then, when I express this, she says: “Shut up. We are

As Happy as we are. Your gratitude is great, but

If you were less grateful, the Sun would shine just as brightly.

The rain would fall as softly. Our blossoms would Exult as easily

And Reach for the Sky as effortlessly and Cry out as naturally

For the Attention of Passersby. I know what you are going to say

Before you say it.”

We are Stronger Individuals because we have each other at home.

It is good that we are so often apart. We might fall into Self Absorption.

With all the kids and the grand kids and the other relatives,

We see how wonderfully life works itself out!

My Favorite Person, She knows that we are Mutually Dependent

Upon each other. The Years have shown us our weaknesses.

The Years have shown us where we naturally come up short.

And all those known faults constitute the Framework of Love.

Tolerance, Patience, Stopping and Picking up for Each Other.

These are the tiny acts that Live into Perpetuity.

We have helped each other in so many ways,

For so many reasons, for so long.

We feel we are well adorned when perhaps we are shabby.

We laugh loudly when perhaps we should only chuckle.

Both with arthritis, we call each other -- “Cripples”.

Our kids think we are somewhat crazy. The Grand kids kiss us.

“What other people think” - used to blow in our lives like a storm.

Now, it’s a gray blustery cloud formation headed away from us

As a part of the horizon.

I fill my cup two or three times

To extend our Saturday morning “Get Togethers”.

We lift our voices in the house: “I Need you!”

And, maybe it’s a silly reason. Maybe it’s just a kiss.

Maybe it’s lifting something. It is always a bother,

Until we arrive in the room and know what love is for.

We do our own Personal Tai Chi -- all too stiffly,

We smile up at God and thank him forever

That we two, us two, found each other when we did.


Is my favorite.


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