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A Short Goodbye To Robert Service

Updated on October 7, 2011


I’d wager he’s done been long gone,

And may not know what he did for us.

But he had an eye for the Northern sky,

The poet known as Robert Service.


Oh what a thrill his writing skill,

He brought to many a folk.

With stories of greed or some wild deed,

He often eloquently writ and spoke.


How I was amazed in his limited days,

Could he pen so many lines.

As the wind would blow, his ink would flow

And he’d come up with more great rhymes.


There was ‘Ol Dan McGrew and his lady Lou,

Then there was that medical problem for Bessie.

There was something done in the midnight sun,

To that fellow from down in Tennessee.


You could almost hear a midnight owl or a lonesome howl,

Then there were the times he got most serious.

So here’s a toast says I, kind of a short goodbye,

To the poet known as Robert Service.





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