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A Sign Post for Woulds That Now Are Was.

Updated on January 5, 2010


A Sign post For Woulds That Now Are Was. 



The huge, old maple tree stump

was cut rather short to allow some

electrical lines up above to pass by

without limbs growing there,

and then breaking communication.





I climbed it to check

on the age of the tree,

it was easy, what was left

was just signpost high.




Then I noticed new growth

just beginning to form,

as this old tree struggled

hard to live on,

and I grew philosophic,

as I looked at those rings

and guessed just what might

lie inside each layer formed.





Comanche carved symbols
on the innermost rings,
aids to marking out trails
to a tribes sustenance sought.




The fourth and the
fifth ring contain 
hatchett cuts,

blood stained
where a lone pioneer
amputated a finger
while chopping this tree
for a structure called home.



Bullet holes mar 
many spots at the sixth
near misses for soldiers
who fought civil wars.



A nail hole from
maple syrup pails
scars the eighth
back when sap ran
in pure amber gold.



History lies buried
around every layer
in old hieroglyphics
etched deeply by man.



The name of a dog
who was one's faithful friend
is neatly  hand carved
in the tenth ring above
while his old bones
lie buried below.



And not far beneath
the new cover of bark
is a heart with two names
left incised,
two lovers kissed there
and he noted his joy
from a love that
was lost long ago.



A canvas it stands
for the next
wood have beens
near a shadowy forest
with many more rings
to surround what's to come,

scratched beneath
curved perspectives
left by all who someday

might come wandering by. 








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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      And to think.. it was just hacked down.. just like that, in a matter of minutes. Some people are so rude.. :) Love this... I still wonder so where you get your many daily inspirations..