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A Silent Revelation (2006)

Updated on September 22, 2013

A Silent Revelation

Drops of darkness roll along the ground

The audible mind ignores any probable sound

It was not forgotten until it happened around

The bells of gloom saw ambivalence profound

The one who saw and the one who found

Wore veils of hope hiking the faithful mound

All that serenity was eaten up by the pound

The dreamful sight was ruled by a wild hound

I couldn’t see the horizons to which I was bound

I couldn’t realize “I” was the one getting drowned

It wasn’t just what I had spoken to be frowned

It was all that I was to stand myself clowned


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    • arijitm2000 profile image

      Ari 4 years ago from Mid-west, Texas, Jersey, Florida, Mumbai, Hyderabad, & Pune

      Thanks Benjamin Chege, this poem is about my revelation on things that happened in my life, you can call it bad or wise per your vision, and I wrote down my realization of the same...

    • profile image

      Benjamin Chege 4 years ago

      Beautiful poem arijitm2000. What does the poem mean? Dos it mean something bad was happening to you and you were unaware of it?