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A Simpler Stairway To Heaven.

Updated on December 31, 2009


A Simpler Stairway To Heaven.



Let all the religions melt

into one God, one faith,
He cares not for various labels,
only that we love him.
He needs none of the comforts
of tradition and props,
used by so many churches
and temples and mosque.
Those accroutements were devised
to comfort man, God needs no comfort,
he created the word.
Pray from your soul, not a book,
nor a memorized poem or passage,
ritual is habitual,
and habitual leads to rote,
an almost mindless act
done without thinking on impulse,
he wants to hear your thoughts,
pure and clear daily,
Forgive nothing,
put it all in God's hands,
he is the forgiver of all,
we make far too many choices
on what to forgive and what not to,
we are mortal he is supreme,
Share God with others like candy
offer his sweetness, not debate,
What child would come to you,
and taste the glory of God's candy,
if you told them they would burn in hell
if they didn't like it.
Accept all who come to worship,
without pious disapproval of lifestyles,
length of hair, style of dress,
income, color, sexual preference,
Jesus let a whore wash his feet,
offer salvation without works,
Why should any gift from God be so hard,
for all of our righteous works are as rags,
we are saved by grace and acceptance,
and then striving to be worthy daily,
by simply exuding more heavenly traits.
failure is a given, that is why we are forgiven.
Then perhaps this world will know true peace,
as even know we are engaged in wars of fatih.
Trust no man, only God,
the wolrd is abundent with false prophets,
who can and will lead you astray.
make God your religion, not religion your God,
and your life will be richly blessed.
Let us all melt into one,
lest we melt under the angry eyes
of a wrathful God.


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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      Excellent... agree with every word here! :)