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A Smile To A Smile

Updated on February 10, 2017

A smile to a smile always brings sunlight.

Not the one from the sun but a sweet flowery feeling that feels just right.

The bubbly sweet flowery way that in your body caring ways start to grow.

With the feel of happiness your face lights up and starts to glow as a smile to smile continue to show.

A true connection made by two.

As each smile connects and radiates truth.

Of a sweet caring way.

The happiness of feel that flows through body and air.

A sense of always feeling a new .

When you lovingly smile at someone and they lovingly smile back at you.

Another sweet gesture that radiates with true love.

Hearts of happiness bliss from inner self love.

An activation of beautiful dedication.

Always a positive way.

When someone smiles at you and in return your smile you gave away.

An embrace of a soft pace of a connection of two.

A heartfelt way to,two hearts when you smile at me and I smile back at you .


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