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A Soul Reflection

Updated on June 6, 2014


Soul Reflections

It seems as though my mind wonders a lot. Lately I find myself reflecting on my life, my environment and the people that show up in my life. It seems as though I find myself in reflection of what and who surrounds me.

As I dream while I am awake sometimes, I recently had this epiphany that I wanted to share with you:

Do you believe in past lives?..... I do.

As I reflect on this belief I have come to the core understanding that everyone around me is a reflection of me. Whether it be the teller at the bank, the cashier at the supermarket, the homeless man on the street, the young child that is laughing and the little baby that is crying. I am all of these.

Stay with me as I may intrigue your thoughts in contemplation.

Lets say that I have had many past lives. Lets say that in each lifetime, I have played a different role in different environments with different people. Now in this lifetime I am awake. I am awake to my existence, my connection to God and my connection to Mother earth. I am really alive!

Alive and well, as I take a deeper look at who surrounds me. I contemplate each person I encounter and wonder.... "Could this have been me in a past life?, or maybe even a piece of me that exists in this lifetime." I think about this a lot and wonder in reflection.

The other day a woman in a wheel chair confronted me. She demanded assistance with getting a cup of coffee. She was not pleasant at first and came across as very needy. Thinking to myself that we were in a grocery store and not Starbucks, I took a deep breath and reminded myself to have patience and be kind. What if this were me I thought? What if this was me on an off day? Or even me in a past life or in a future life?

As I assisted this woman (even if I was grinding my teeth at first), I found that this woman softened her character with kindness and appreciation. As she kept thanking me for my assistance, I truly realized that the act of kindness is a gratifying gift we give to ourselves.

What if I am as kind as I can be to this woman and everyone else that I am confronted with regardless of gender, creed or attitude. What if no matter what situation or experience I have in life, that I respond with kindness. In attitude and in thought. Possibly I remind myself that I am connected to everyone on this planet, yet I am a single soul responsible for me alone. Like a root of a tree, I have branches that define who I was, who I am and who I will be.


Reflections of the soul

Never lost

Always bold

Reflections of the soul

Seeing you

Seeing me,

Entwined like roots

Underneath my boots

Love is the seed

That created you and me

Just like that seed

That was planted to create the tree.

Behold kindness,

For it is the water that nurtures the life we lead

Reflections of the soul

A mirror that I behold.

Written by LEGold


Soul Reflections


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