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A Strange Love Story - Part Three

Updated on April 16, 2018

The Big Party....

She had never been to a party before.... She had no idea what she should wear, what she should do... and then she remembered her father... He was a very difficult man... as he was from Mani, Peloponnisos. There, fathers do not allow their daughters to go out easily... but this is another story.

Aspa was thinking all these when Christos asked her out.. She did not know what to tell him. At the beginning she was looking at him... "Well, what do you think???" he asked her anxiously. He did not want to hear "No, I am sorry..". " Well, I do not know... I have never been to a party and I do not think that my parents will agree with that", she said. "Well, I call them and ask them to allow me to take you there. I will return safe home until midnight", Christos told her.

"You would not do that...!!" she said. "My father is a very difficult man, he would not allow me to go out with you!!". "Then I will ask your mother today!" he said.

And he did make that call that afternoon.. Aspa was anxious... she had told her mother about her friend Christos and her mother wanted to meet him just to be sure that he would not harm her daughter. She talked to him on the phone and she told him that it would be ok for him to take her daughter out only if he could come and meet her first.

So, the big day had arrived... Saturday... and Aspa was wondering what to wear that evening... She had nothing!! She found a pair of jeans and a shirt - not her father's shirt (!)- and she was ready. With no make up and no high heals. Just an ordinary girl at the age of 16...

The time was 21:00 when Christos came to take her, Her mother opened the door and he came in.. Aspa introduced them, they talked a little bit and they were ready to go to the party.. He assured her mother that they would be back by midnight.

She was anxious and at the same time she was thinking... what people do when they go to a party...? She really did not know anything about that part. They were talking about school when they approached the house. There Aspa saw some girls and what their outfit... they were wearing skirts... short ones.. She felt so bad.. that she decided that she did not want to go there. She asked Christos to go for a long walk instead of going to the party...

So, he decided to take her somewhere near the sea... She took her to a small Lighthouse at Piraeus port... A place that she would never forget.. They sat to some rocks near the lighthouse and they were looking the sea. It was so perfect that night. It was Full Moon and it was as if it was day.They did not say anything - they were just hearing the waves... and then something magical just happened while they were "dreaming"...

He kissed her...!!! It was her first kiss.... She was so surprised... that she was just looking at him!! "Aspa, I like you a lot", he told her. She blushed. She did not know what to say.. as she had never been told something like that before.. She was just looking at him. He was looking at her eyes waiting for her to hug him or say something! But she was just looking at the sea...

"We should go home now...", she said. He was disappointed.. "Ok, lets go", he told her... When they arrived at her house they just said goodnight and they left..

That night their friendship ended and it was about to begin a "strange" love story that would never been forgotten....


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