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A Conquest Exposed

Updated on December 7, 2013
all rights reserved
all rights reserved

Alien Intervention Gone Wrong

I am Gurk. I write story about space people who come here long time ago. They come in bright bird rings from sky. Big people with no hair come out of ring. They have big eyes and do not speak.

Big people are color of clay. They bring tools and weapon like sun light that travel fast. Make ground a big fire and burn Gurk people bad.People afraid of tall people and try hide from.They know where we be all time. Come at night and take woman away. Bring back sunlight shines and woman changed. She have little man. It not like Gurk. It have no hair. It have big head and black eyes. What did to woman Gurk not know. Happen many time and have many small people not like Gurk. Gurk get mad at tall people and will try make go way. This story was interpreted and recorded by scientists in modern days using word association techniques.

Gurk recorded this story on a wall in his cave more than 20,000 years ago. It took place in what is now Europe. There was no record here of what happened to Gurk and his people after that message he had left for the ages. My name is Etaw. I am from the star system near the place you on earth call Epsilon Eridani, many light years away from earth people. I would like to finish the story that the earth being named Gurk told of, on his dwelling wall 20,000 earth years ago.This amount of time is nothing to me and my kind. We do not measure time in years as you do on this orb. For us, it is only a brief time and we take notice of nothing beyond millions of earth's years in your time.

We are tall, compared to earth creatures. We are the color of clay, as Gurk described us. We have large heads and deep dark eyes that can read the thoughts of our kind and the earth people. We absorb our food as you call it, through our coverings when we are seated in our nutrition room aboard our ships. Our metabolisms, or life forces, are in a movement that is much slower than earth being's. We are able to regenerate these forces, as we have mechanisms aboard our craft that we use in doing this. We no longer have sexual intercourse as earthlings do. We have what you call artificial insemination.This will help us reproduce our kind and your kind, that has been scientifically prepared as we have designed it. We have been given the ability to do this by the great creator of all, the earth beings call their God. Some call him a sun god. Others call him god of the sea, god of the storms and many other, what the earth beings call divine names. We travel on the vortexes located near your Egypt's pyramids and locations in Peru in the lands of what you call South America, and a region called Central America. Here we can join our forces with those of the energy givers and travel to the stars in galaxies, far away, and very rapidly.

We come hear to experiment with earth kind and to procreate our own. We use your life forms for our own building blocks in what you call genetics and its engineering. There in no mystery about the cattle or big animals that we get blood and tissues from on your farm lands. It is what we use. We also use female and males on this planet to help us regenerate our own. We mean no real harm except what may be done to the minds of the earth people that we cannot prevent. We try to alter the brains so that there will be no memory of what we do here on this planet. We also borrow minerals and resources like gold and silver that we use in construction of our ships and their internal components. Now, let us return to the story by Gurk.

It is true that we came to take the females from Gurk's camp and that we had to use force on one occasion in proving that we were in control. We set a fire with our beam weapons that frightened the earth men and allowed us to take what we would need in our experiments.

We had come on five occasions and now Gurk was very angry and vowed to get even, or destroy our kind. He planned to set a deep pit entrapment for our beings, so that we would fall down into them, and the plan was to then launch spears and arrows into our bodies to take away our life forces. We read the minds of Gurk and his earth men and did not go near the pits. We then covered the pits with fresh rock and earth, and did not worry about this any more.The earth people became more afraid and tried to hide in new places, but we would always find them with the locators that we had implanted in their female's heads. Soon Gurk had given up his attempts to harm us, and sat by himself many days.

One night when my men went to take a new woman, we came to a cave and there was a being with a covering over the head seated before us. When the men tried to take the being, the covering was removed to reveal a man, and he struck one fellow being with a sharp ax. It caused the brother to bleed and soon to lose his life force. The other soldier brothers that were sent, returned to our ship and were afraid. The next night we went in force to the cave and were prepared to do battle with any being that was there. We did not know of the big rocks that waited above us beyond the cave and they were suddenly released upon us and blocked the cave's entrance.There was no escape. Our beam weapons would not penetrate the heavy rocks. It was now that Gurk and his soldiers threw fire torches down upon us and burned us very badly.

I, Etaw, am the only survivor from my ship. It too was burned by the fires that the earth beings started and a great explosion destroyed it at once. Now, I, Etaw, must roam the pitiful caves and try to survive using all of my intelligence so that I one day will be able to pass on my story to my kind. I will give a warning if I can, that will tell that the earth beings possess more intelligence than we once thought. We will have to be more careful and stay away from them, when it is needed. Until that time. I will leave my message placed on the walls of a big dwelling, and done with my tool, burning my message into rock and using it in my communication. My days may be short, and I feel that my life forces are about to be no more. If you come here to this place take a warning from me, Etaw, that the earth people are dangerous and will leave nothing that they will not attempt in harming those who would try to take from their kind.

The skies hold answers for us all.
The skies hold answers for us all.


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    • kj force profile image


      4 years ago from Florida

      whonunuwho...enjoyed the write...I too am from a far away planet, brought here many years ago, I was the only survivor and have no way to communicate with home. There are many others here, but are of other worlds. Trust me humans have nothing to fear from " Aliens " ... As it appears, they're doing a superb job of self destruction ALL by themselves...So Etaw, when you eventually cross paths with Gurk, grab a cold brew and rest assured....just my thoughts...Thanks for allowing me to share in your write..

    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from United States

      This question about possible alien intervention has encouraged me to write about my feelings in my recent hub,"No Doubt, a Revelation, to be Found".

    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from United States

      I would like to share this with those who might read it and gain more knowledge about alien intervention. Although it is a story of fiction, there may be more truth than one might assume. I believe in the one God and creator of all.I stress the concept of ALL.


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