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A Strong Medicine of Calling - Heartsong

Updated on January 4, 2017

My passion is to create. And one of those channels is writing verse. For my first hubpage i am sharing a group of symbols that ground my spirit and helps Keep me centered on my life's purpose. Although short I strongly feel this piece should stand on its own.

Warrior of the Light
Warrior of the Light | Source


In Loving Reverence of The Great Mystery



The one named Reborn Healer of the Sacred Path

Born to this land in the middle of the moon of the Shedding Ponies

To offer my voice to the song of the Sacred White Buffalo

So that the lost children retrace their way to the center of the Sacred Hoop of Creation

For by singing the song of the Heavens and the Earth

I too find my way to the center where I have strayed also


Thanks for reading the words that fire my soul. I look forward to sharing more with this community. Please feel free to leave any comments and thanks again for letting me share my work.


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