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A Supernatural Hunters Christmas Tale

Updated on December 15, 2014

Volume one

By: Delmar Sabio

Copyright 2014

It was a supernatural nightmare Christmas when all a cross the land of Resurrection Hill every creature was stirring even the mouse in John Lonewolf's house.

The sky was black with deep shades of purple and gray. The winds howled with a deadly fright in the middle of the night. The bats hibernated inside their dark caves and the wolves roamed the land.

White snowflakes fell from the sky and covered the land while the Angels sang in harmony in hopes John Lonewolf would hear them and know the Angels had a watchful eye upon him.

All across the land Ghostly spirits roamed in search of peace and the demons from hell continued to spread their own evil as the devil gave command.

Inside Lonewolf Manor my black cat Boo and I sat by the fire just as cozy as could be. I strummed my guitar and Boo waged her tail too the beat.

At this moment life was so grand, but the peace and harmony would not last throughout the holiday season as 13 dead creatures from beyond the dead began to roam the unholy land of Resurrection Hill.

Now I understand that the dead things don't stay dead in the supernatural town of Resurrection Hill, but why oh why must it happen on the celebrated day of birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

From deep within the cemetery 13 undead body's returned to life as they overturned the un-hollow ground first their hands risen from the ground and then it was not long until their heads peeked at the world of the living.

Faces of decaying flesh grinned and their red eyes did shine as their jaws dropped and a sound that could only be described as a groan released from their evil lungs of hell.

The fog of cold dead breath escaped from their jaw hanging wide open as the zombies from their graves pulled themselves out of the ground. The zombies crawled across the land and some found their way to their feet and began walk in a dead formation.

As I played the song Silent Night on my guitar I heard a moaning sound from beyond the peaceful confines of my home, so I rose from my seat disturbing Boo from her rest and she spoke to me in her dialect ((Meow, Meow!)) and I turned my head and said,

“I apologize my black beauty, but I heard a noise from outside the house and I want to check it out!”

My black cat stretched and arched her back as if she was ready for the attack and step by step, foot by foot, inch by inch I walked past my six foot tall Christmas tree with the Christmas gifts displayed neatly for my friends and my cat.

I walked faster and faster, I got closer and closer to my door.

I reached forward and grabbed the doorknob and gave it a twist with my wrist and then opened the door as my hand turned the doorknob to the right. I pulled it open and the door made a sound ((Cree-eek!))

As the door opened I got my first peek at the evil from hell and the grave from which it belonged. My dark brown eyes met with the Zombies red ruby eyes.

I was then in awe when I the Zombies jaw dropped and fog escaped from its lungs of hell and that stench of decaying breath was released and filled the air along with a ((Moan!)) that echoed in the Christmas air.

I looked past the Zombie and noticed the Zombies brothers from different mothers and fathers. I decided to step back and Boo prepared for the attack!

I looked down at my black cat that stood by my side and I noticed her tail was more bushy then normal. Boo looked at me with her yellowish-green eyes and I said

“Get back boo it is the walking dead!”

At that very moment the Zombie and its 12 brothers from different mothers and fathers stepped inside from outside the Christmas winter wonderland.

Quickly I turned and I ran to my weapons room in the east wing. The east wing was a long hall with a red carped floor and red curtains that hung in front of the windows on the left side of the manor house. I entered the fifth door which was the entrance of the weapons room and I stepped inside and Boo was not far behind.

I grabbed a Machete and a pistol with laser sighting and a silencer. I send a red Christmas light to my predator and a silver bullet in the wind and deliver a gift just like Saint Nick and his red nosed reindeer. After all it was Christmas and I had the spirit of giving. This year the spirit of giving was the gift of going back to hell were the 13 Zombies came from.

I now ran back to the drawing room from where I was spending my Christmas peacefully before I was interrupted from these 13 dead fool from their unholy graves.

As I entered the drawing room what was It I seen? Yes you guessed correct it was 13 walking dead fools from the pit of hell!

I rose my arms and aimed my pistol just as I said,

“Now come dancer and prancer and the rest of dead fools I got a bullet with your name on it and a machete with a blade just waiting to slice and dice you in two!”

One by one the 13 zombies approached me foot by foot, step by step, inch by inch and I shot them ugly husks one by one and sliced and diced their heads off their body's not with one swing, but a few, It was Christmas in Resurrection Hill and you would have done the same too!

(Until next time I wish a merry Christmas to you!)

The End


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