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A Sweet Rememberence from the Past

Updated on March 21, 2020
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An Air Warrior and prolific writer with over 200 published short stories and 14 books on fiction

The beginning

The past is something that can never be forgotten. It remains an indelible part of a man’s life. Sometimes the past can bring back sweet memories and leave an ache in the heart. It brings back happy memories and one would like to visit that time again. This is human nature and that is what distinguishes a man from the lower levels of life.
I am reminded of an old event that took place almost a decade and a halfback. I remember the days when I had just been promoted to the rank of Wing Commander. I was also given command of a fighter squadron. As the OC( Officer Commanding) I along with a few other aircrews were detailed for a conversion training course on the MIG- 29 in Russia. The MIG was to be the latest weapon in the arsenal of the Air Force. I was looking forward to playing my part and bring the machines to India. My squadron which was one of the top squadrons was to be equipped with this plane and luckily I was the commander.
The AOC( Air Officer Commanding) Air Commodore Don Wilson, leading the team called me.
“ Look, “ he said “ we are leaving tomorrow and you are our best pilot. Kindly keep that in mind when in Russia”
“ You have any doubts?”
The old man shrugged his shoulders, “No it’s not like that. I would like your conduct to be above board and I wouldn’t want you getting involved. You know what I mean. Be careful as you are still a bachelor and the Russians are pretty crafty. ”
I nodded my head in assent and the next day we took off. We landed in the massive Ilusion-76 at the Russian Air Force base. It was almost like a homecoming as I had been to Russia so many times and also picked up the Russian language.
The next day we started our work but the Russian Colonel in charge said, “ friends we will study the theory part here but go for practical conversion training we go to our base in Siberia. “
I was positively thrilled at this bit of news as I always have a desire to visit Siberia, that vast sparsely populated place abounding with natural beauty all around. Classes and instructions commenced and we were on our way. During classes I observed a young NCO moving around. After about 3 or 4 days I asked the instructor of the course Colonel Igor who she was.

“Ah! She is Olga, she is a young recruit who has been with the Air Force only for a year. She is a general hand and does lots of sundry work. “
One look at Olga and I realized that she looked very smart in her uniform. I could make out from the stripes on her sleeve indicating she was a corporal. That meant she was an NCO. There are rules that do not permit fraternizing between an officer and an NCO. I knew the rules but Olga looked so attractive that I decided to let the rules go overboard. Walking along the corridor I went up to Olga who was coming from the other end. I stopped and introduced myself.

Ï know you "she replied, "Colonel Igor has told me about you and you have been eyeing me for three days."

" Offended?"

"Heavens no, I like it...You are much nicer than our men"

This innocuous conversation had a spark underneath and I was getting more and more attracted to Olga. She braced up and saluted and walked away.

I went to my room and at about eight in the evening rang up the reception of the NCO's mess. A Sgt Major came online and politely asked who I was. I gave my identity and requested her in case she could call Olga.

"No sir," she replied, "It's late but I will tell Olga you called."
I was a shade disappointed but the next morning I directed the driver of the pickup Van to go via the NCO's mess. He loathed to deviate from the route but seeing my determined look, he drove towards the gate of the NCO's mess.

I passed the message at the reception and soon enough Olga came. She looked positively fresh and her beauty with large hazel eyes, ruby lips, fair skin, and auburn hair created an enticing look. She was slim and tall. It added to her allure.

She came up to the vehicle and saluted, "Sir, did you call yesterday night?"

"Yes, "I replied, "I just wanted to have a cup of coffee with you. It's Ok your Sgt Major was not happy with it but now if you want you can sit in the front seat and come with me to that headquarters."

She hopped into the front seat. I could make out that Olga was an extremely beautiful girl. Sometime back I have read about an encounter of Donald Trump in Moscow and the golden shower incident. I don’t think it’s true but it does bring out the fact that probably Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world.

During the coffee break, I could get a few words with her and I told her that she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw. I told her that another two days we would be going to Siberia for practical training and I would miss her.

"Oh," she replied, "I already know, Col Igor has told me and he has also said I was to come with you all. It will be my great pleasure to be along with you." I was positively delighted at this bit of wisdom. At that time it didn't strike me as to why Col Igor was asking Olga to come along.

However, I quickly asked her if she could be free in one of the evenings for a small outing with me. She just smiled and nodded her head.
In the evening we left base dressed in Mufti for a short visit to Moscow and a coffee shop. This was a great introduction and as I left her at her quarter I told her that It was my pleasure that she would be coming to Siberia.

I went to the bar in the officer's mess and saw the AOC sipping scotch. He looked at me and smiled, "I haven't seen you all evening. I hope you are not going around with a Russian gal. Be careful my friend you are so smart."
The next day we left for the Russian Far East. The flight took about 3 hours and we landed at the RAF base. Olga sat at the back of the Russian transport. It was going to be a great visit and I hoped Olga would enliven my stay there.

Love blossems

The next day after a sortie with still wearing my G Suite, I walked towards the crew room. I saw Olga standing in a corner of the hanger. She ran towards me and said, "You look majestic in a G -Suite. How did the flight go?" I looked at Olga and realized I desired her immensely. Siberia is a lovely place why not make it lovelier with a girl? These thoughts flitted through my mind as I replied, " Great, I love the feel of the warplane."

She smiled and it was a radiant smile. I continued, "Olga, How about spin with me in the countryside?" She nodded her head and went away with the words, "pick me up from my quarters."

Col Igor now appeared. He shook my hand and asked, "How goes it?"
"Fine, "I replied, "But friend, can you arrange for a bike for me-a powerful one? I would love to drive in this desolate beauty."

"He looked at me quizzically and said, "It's snowing, are you sure?"
"No matter," I replied," it will be fun to drive in the snow."

"Ök, friend, "In case you are stuck just drive 40 miles East and there is a small wooden log hut used by forest rangers. That can be a savior."

Col Igor arranged a Ural 750 cc bike. It was a powerful bike, a copy of the Zundapp, the old German motorbike of WW II. I started the bike and with just a jacket and boots drove towards the quarters. I found Olga outside and she climbed on the bike and we set course. She was thoughtful and she had a knapsack strapped to her back which was to herald a glorious sojourn.

We had driven about 30 to 40 miles into the wild – it was wonderful and Olga clung to me on the back seat of the bike. All around was a wilderness and I had a feeling that this was a virgin area, perhaps the last in the world. We continued moving forward and after some time I stopped the bike. Olga got down and I gathered her in my arms. It was a chaste kiss followed by a more lascivious one. She opened her knapsack and took out a flask and we had a hot cup of coffee.

It now began to snow and I was wondering what to do. Visibility had been reduced to zero and then I remembered the information given by the Colonel of a log hut about 40 miles East. I assumed we were in the right direction and drove off. After a few miles, sure enough, I saw the cabin a distance away.

I parked the bike outside the hut and both of us rushed into the log cabin. The snow continued to fall and the entire countryside had become pure white. I looked it Olga and it dawned on her that I desired her. We kissed and kissed. What a thrill it was.

It was exhilarating before I got back to reality and saw the small hearth with some brushwood inside. I lighted the wood from matchbox kept thoughtfully by the side and the fire slowly began to crackle.

I held out my arms to her and in a frenzy began to undress her. Metaphors for sex can come off as cheesy and awkward, but in this case, it was pure hotness and anticipation. Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy. When Olga closed her eyes my hands touched her everywhere. She was naked now and the cold? we had forgotten it. I lay full length over her and from her moan, I surmised she enjoyed my weight on her and being crushed in my arms. We were soldered together and shivers passed through her body.

Afterward, we lay together and I asked her if she had seen the film," Girl on a motorcycle." She said no and I related to her the scene when Alan Delon the hero parks his motorbike and makes love to his beloved Marianne with the snow falling all around.

I held her closer and she opened her knapsack and we had some more coffee and sandwiches.

We fell asleep and awoke the next day and got ready. There was no snow and I said: "Let's drive out."

We drove out and then again it began to snow. We turned back towards the log hut and she made to run towards it. I held her and with snow falling all around made her sit on a wooden style and pulled her pants halfway down. It was snowing and I covered her. With the snow falling, I tongued her and soon we had forgotten the snow and it was one act which can be witnessed only by Lord Krishna. It was almost akin to Nirvana.

After I had thrust we went inside and she snuggled in my arms. I brushed the snow off her and kissed her. The drive turned into 3 days and nights and then I heard a knock on the door. It was a Russian crew and a jeep. One of them seeing us in a disheveled state went away and said from outside. " Col Igor has sent us to help you. We are also carrying hot coffee and vodka. Your team is wondering where you are."

The end?

We reached back to camp and I kissed Olga. "look "I said, "I shall come back."

She left and I drove to the officer's mess. I saw a small note from the AOC, It read "come to my room."

I went to his room and sat down. The AOC got up, "where the hell have you been? Looks like Col Igor knew where you were. Why the hell you didn't tell me?"

"I am sorry sir, "I replied

"Damm it, man! did you realize the Russians were feeding you? The cabin, the bike, and the girl.Its all fixed man. Now get cracking we leave tomorrow. I am going to report you."

The old man however never made any report and we are the best of friends now. While I left he became a Marshal.

I didn't believe the AOC. Olga a plant? No way. I didn't see Olga again but I~do feel all this was not 'fixed'. Was it? I can't say but I have sweet memories of Olga in my arms and taking her with the snow all around is something I would like to relive again.

I did go back to Russia but times had changed and no way I could locate Col Igor and nobody new of a Corporal Olga. One has to live with the sweet ache.

The end of the story. Not quite, for a few weeks back I got a tel call from Don Wilson. He told me he had received a postcard which had been forwarded by Air HQ to him. It is from a girl named Olga, I am sending it to you. Next? that's another story!


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