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Updated on August 4, 2009


The other day, you know

I stumbled upon a trove,

No ordinary trove it was,

But a treasure trove at last.


Such treasures, inside it were

The sight of which was sure

To leave one utterly spell-bound

And one’s head spinning around.


But only if one could gauge its true worth

And have a desire to unearth

The riches contained within

As lovely and shiny as Satin


For it was not the ordinary kind

It was one truly unique find.

Whilst to some it may be truly exquisite

For some others, it fails to hold any gist.


It was not of the monetary kind

And hence never had the might to blind

Wretched individuals, and make them commit

Deeds which they later profoundly lament.


Aren’t you fretful to know,

Of what I’ve been talking till now?

So without further ado

I shed light on my precious trove


My prized wealth chest

Is full to the brim with volumes of text

My books, which I studied each scholastic year

And which were to me, very dear


But somewhere along the way,

They were forgotten by me, and put away.

I paid not a second glance

And they went into a trance


Busy in my other varied quests

And kind enough to give the manuscripts a rest,

My own idiocy I proved

And sadly remained aloof



To the unending realms of wisdom

Contained within each of them

For In pursuit of mindless amusement,

I had left behind my true friends.


But the Goddess of wisdom was kind to me, and hence

Favoured me with a second chance

And thus it was that I found

In my own home, riches abound.


After wandering here and there

And searching for riches which never were

I finally found the kismet,

Where I ought to have looked for it first.


The texts I shall forever peruse with care

And also say this prayer

That everyone be fully aware

Of the prowess of tomes and hold them with love and care

May these tiny jewels of wisdom,

Cause many a mind to blossom.

Mother, don’t let anyone, these riches miss,

Lead everyone from ignorance to bliss.














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